Underground Greenhouse Update

Underground Greenhouse Update

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Here is my first video on my underground greenhouse. It seems to be working so far, we will have to see how it works when I have added all the pieces.

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Simple Ground


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Written by Aleksandar

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  1. some interesting methods. …..I'll be digging deeper and putting my pond under my greenhouse….and collecting water from the greenhouse as water drains down from the plants and from the roof course… as well as venting from the pond and outside.

  2. I just got access to hundreds of free pallets they dumped on my property. I nearly had a joyful heart attack from utter bliss when i saw this. Thank you so much. This is exactly what I envisioned. I didnt get my hole completely dug before winter hit, but now i can expand and just waiting for the spring thaw so i can begin digging wooo hooo my dream is on the horizon. Thanks so much for the ideas. Subscribed.

  3. re: drainage … you could also route your french drain system around the perimeter of the main room and into that small room with the pump. get a household (or boat bilge-type if you're running 12V out there) sump pump, and install it in a small bucket you dig into the floor of that lower room. The sump pump would then be at the lowest point of your whole greenhouse area. That's how I solved the problem with a new root cellar I dug last year. it works great.

  4. wonderful work. looking to do the same, hoping to work in a rocket mass heater. got us started. with a thermo siphon to your pool, wonder if you can pull heat in for storage . should be interesting now

  5. I haven't noticed but what do you use for posts other than the metal ones I've seen and live trees in the path of the fence? I've seen some people just buy creosote posts from the co op and others cut their timber, debark and season.


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