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truly passive greenhouse kickstarter I’m Paul Wheaton and this is my ninth kickstarter. I’m bonkers about experiments — experiments with rocket mass heaters, experiments with replacing irrigation with permaculture, experiments with round wood timber framing, and experiments with annualized thermal inertia.

I shared an idea with my podcast listeners and it seems that a LOT of people want me to shift my priorities and do this experiment NOW! So much so that they are waving fistfuls of cash in my general direction.

The idea starts with how greywater systems will not work in our Montana winters. But a small greenhouse could fix that! The problem is that most greenhouses need to be heated in winter, and they need a lot of care. It would be better to have a fully passive greenhouse that uses no energy AT ALL, not even a fan, and doesn’t have any moving parts that might break or need maintenance.

Mike Oehler’s ingenious design is close – he was able to get his tomatoes to grow in December in north idaho with zero energy. I talked to mike, shortly before he died, about some improvements. And since then I’ve come up with a couple more. Rolling all of these designs together, I think we can build a truly passive year round greenhouse in Montana.

The devious plot at this time is to video the whole process (the design, the build, the greywater system, and a winter of testing) so kickstarter supporters get a movie out of it. So waddya say: do you want us to try?

Thanks to my patreon peeps for pushing me into making videos again

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  1. No sorry… your research on rocket stove / rmh was useful but this is totally pointless. We already know how to build greenhouses since centuries.
    Growing tomatoes in Montana isn’t very logic but wanting tomatoes during winter in Montana is totally nonsense.
    Maybe people that want tomatoes all year round should consider to relocate in subtropical areas… not asking for money to build their fantasies.

    Please Paul, stop cutting trees and wasting top soil for useless purposes (even if you think it’s a funny/cool project). You’re in the business since long time now… so maybe you could stop to behave like the average US citizen and be more responsible. 🙏

  2. TBH, I think it's too much for too little. I've Mike Oehler's books, and read them avidly. But as I got more into natural building over the years, I realised that there are other choices as efficient yet less labourious. My potting shed is double glazed with hoophouse poly on it's south roof and wall. The north side is insulated with wool and bubblewrap under the tin roof, and has slipstraw walls within the outer casing of slabwood. It never hits 0°C, even though Winters here can drop to below -10°C. Simple and cheap to build, without digging up the landscape to achieve it. Respects to your project, but I think it's taking a sledgehammer to crack a nut.

  3. Awesome!
    I'm very excited about this project. Excited enough to spend 2 weeks fixing the dump truck to make the project go faster. Had a lot of fun doing it too. Beautiful place you have there Paul! I'd pause on the job now and then to listen to the wind in the trees, the birds chirping, the hum of distant bees and inhale the clean air. I slept like a rock every night, much better than at home.
    I may not be a perfect fit culturally among Permaculture people but this technology can help my brothers in the prepper community as well. More pesticide free food for all our people would be a tremendous gift to everyone. I can't wait to see it work.
    If this cancer problem kills me I wouldn't mind spending my last weeks or months there. it's a beautiful place.


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