The Beginner's Guide to Greenhouses

The Beginner's Guide to Greenhouses

Tricia gives a brief introduction to building a greenhouse. Learn about location, materials, size, and ventilation.

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Written by Aleksandar

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  3. I never thought about the benefits of a trees around a greenhouse blocking sun in the summer and letting sun in during the winter its almost like trees were made with greenhouses in mind. Great video I may quote you in my future video when I talk about heating my greenhouse. I will be sure to give you credit. Thanks, great job.

  4. In my parents house they closed off a patio with big sliding glass windows, it gets north/west exposure, although it’s not super sunny it still gets some morning sun and evening sun. We live in New Mexico so the fact that it doesn’t get any afternoon sun is probably for the better. I turned it into a green room of sorts and really love to hang out in there.

  5. Location of the greenhouse in this video only valid for north hemisphere, for south hemisphere should be opposite to what is mentioned in this Video. After all, it’s a Good video, thx

  6. "For a clean and sustainable environment"… next: "Typically greenhouses are heated by oil, gas or electricity"… That's a bit contradictory – why would anyone want to heat the greenhouse? Where I live we just let the sun heat it during they day #Murica




Free Inventory Excel Sheet for Mud Crab Farming Management System

Free Inventory Excel Sheet for Mud Crab Farming Management System