The 5 Best Geodesic Dome Greenhouse Builders on Youtube

The 5 Best Geodesic Dome Greenhouse Builders on Youtube

A review of the 5 Best Geodesic Dome Greenhouse Builders’ Channels on Youtube today. I hope you enjoy.

Bigalow Brook Farm (Web4Deb) –

Growgrips –

Ghog63 –

Zip Tie Domes –

Zip Tie Domes Website –

Paul Robinson ––oBARR8PwZtH7drz5Sjw

Paul Robinson’s Dome tools Website –

Another awesome Dome calculator website –

Rodney Volkmar –

Growing Spaces Website –

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  1. I recently built a 5m wide Zip Tie geodesic dome from a kit I purchased before getting sick 3yrs ago. It is constructed from various grades of electrical conduit and greywater pipe. None would have engineering standards of any great extent to withstand wind sheer forces.

    I am using it as a grow house covered in bird mesh to keep lots of critters out. They steal my food and now I am disabled I can't afford to waste my energy or endeavours.
    However the first weekend the dome was built, we had a bad storm. The bird mesh caused enough wind resistance for a gust to blow the dome away several metres where it luckily got hooked up on a stump.

    Unfortunately, many of the hubs collapsed and broke at the hole points where the struts go through the pvc pipe hub. I dragged it back into position but it is no longer circular nor dome shaped! But it still works and progressively I will replace the broken hubs. Luckily I hadn't started putting containers inside to plant into or bathtubs that I also use to grow plants in.
    Now it is partly planted but I have also pegged it down around the outside with steel pickets.

    I still feel the hubs are the weak points but there is nothing else to tie down to. Some struts were bent into S shapes when the dome collapsed like a clam and rolled away. So I put the pickets at most of the intact hubs and tied the top of the post to the first row of hubs with bale twine or similar so there is some flexibility to allow a little movement in future wind events.
    Once all the bathtubs have been installed I will also add ground pegs in the centre and tie from the roof hubs to the ground pegs in the middle inside. Those wires can be used also as trellises for vine crops.

    My grow houses are not weatherproof, just critter proof (hopefully) ! Many critters in this country (Australia) have lots of sharp teeth or beaks and are known to chew through anything to get at some yummy vegetable or fruit. So time will tell how successful I have been.

  2. I like how you complain about bigelow's corny music on their videos … while yours is also filled with music that does not appeal to all tastes

  3. Thank you for including us in your "5 Best" list. Call me at (931) 858-6892 if I can help you with any of your projects. Many blessings to you and your family. Thanks again. John Hurt – Zip Tie Domes.

  4. A great option available. I´m an geodesic dome learner and always have more to learn.
    How can design hub/ connector for custom size geodesic dome eg. diameter 10 feet n height 2 feet. plz

  5. I love your summary! It's a great way to catch up on the latest development in this area. Have you seen any large geodesic dome construction that incorporates housing and greenhouse into one? kind of like living in the garden.

  6. Caution with wood frame dome greenhouses. They develop a constant moist environment which means wood rot. Regardless of what you use, wood will rot in a GH environment.
    Ask me how I know…

  7. All the channels are interesting if you are a dome builder or are planning to build a dome. I think zip tie domes would get my vote just because its different. I wouldnt build that kind of dome for the same reasons you stated in the vid 😉 The thing i dont rate is using the wanger flanges for domes, they cost £1.50 each and you need 4 per strut, 660 for a basic 3v 5/9. $750 canadian 😉

  8. LOL, thanks… When I started with Growingspaces 19 years ago the Small 15 Growingdomes were about 5k and the 42 footer was 23k, we also built 51' Growingdomes with a trained crew they would take 2(15 footer) to 6(for the 51') days to build and the Kits are always improving.

  9. Great info. While I had long subscribed to three channels, a couple were new to me and I have now subscribed, and the websites info was much appreciated also.
    As for best, I keep learning, so all are valuable depending on the purpose I am pursuing. First I need a movable shelter for my son's tortoise (kind of a service pet) for which we need a lightweight semi-protected dome which can be moved around our back yard for three season grazing without deterioration of the structure where it contacts the ground, and the ZipTie Domes are looking good. Then we have to face more permanent heated shelter for which I am favoring a combination of the greatest qualities from the other channels along with integrations of heating (liked your heating without burning video: ) and we might as well grow food for the beast and our family as well, so the dome channels with growing info are great too.

  10. Hi. I wanted to post a message two times ago but gonna do it now. I will build a 12 meters diameter geodesic dome and a cob house inside it with very similar to your dirt pile heat accumulator, but with the water instead. I believe the build will happen this summer. I am in the search of piece of land. So it`s gonna be the half sphere with radius 6m and the house for like the quarter of the sphere. I also want to place a pool and a deck inside on the spare quarter. I want to cover my dome with transparent organic glass sheathing. So basically the dome gonna be a shell. I modeled my house in MySweetHome 3D but for now mastering AutoCAD/Revit for more precise design. If somebody wants to see my plan I may post it below. It`s for a stand alone house, so I need to adapt it for the inside the dome placement.

    These channels are awesome, I didn`t know about the last one, so thanks a lot. I also wanted to post #0 tech for happy life: just move to the more warmer ambient temperatures region. In my case I will move from Moscow to Sochi district near the Black sea. In the winters the temps there like +5 / +1. Negative temp there are very limited. And make all solar electricity, all solar collectors heating. But I also gonna build Walker wood stove from Broaudio channel and RMH for fun and cold days. Cheers, man and have a good day!

  11. Maybe stop commenting on peoples selection of music well you play crap music in the background of you making the silly comment about their music. Will you be commenting on peoples graphics using a crayon drawing.


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