STRANGE INSTALL of Greenhouse Roof Plastic?? DIY Greenhouse Build #7

STRANGE INSTALL of Greenhouse Roof Plastic?? DIY Greenhouse Build #7

Did we choose a strange way to install our greenhouse roof plastic? Check out the seventh part of our series where we build our own DIY wood greenhouse to find out! Help Support Our Small Business: Greenhouse Plastic:
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We’re a small family who moved out of the city in 2015 and set off on a new journey to build a homestead from scratch on one acre out in the country of the Blue Ridge mountains of North Carolina.

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Green Acre Homestead


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  1. Love the greenhouse! i enjoyed the whole series today. Can’t wait to build ours next spring. Thank you and Angela for sharing all this valuable

  2. I live in Zone 6 and chose the same covering for my Green House for the same reasons as you.The advantage of having a much stronger longer lasting plastic that won't burn my plants far exceeded using clear or white 6 or 8 mil poly .I 'd already watched another video on this same subject before watching your video and your video convinced me I made the right decision when I bought mine.Plants can deal with getting less sun much better than the stress from excessive heat or cold.Thanks for uploading this video ! Your Green House is a success! Good job!

  3. Ahia! You tried to Tom Sawyer your wife to paint the green house, and she didn't go for it! Thanks for the vids! I dig watching how others do things and always seem to pick something up new or that I hadn't thought of!

  4. Have you ever heard of repurposed materials they sell a bunch of nifty things like they have large road side signs made out of a very tough material and various types of tubs n containers for flower pots n things like that.

  5. Since you can order that plastic a custom size, really not understanding why you didn't order in a width to cover the top and the sides all in one go. You could have saved yourself a ton of work.

  6. granted that wasn't pretty …BUT YOU ARE A BRAVE AND BLESSED SOUL well done and Thank You that you didn't edit out the not pretty part…to share your REAL EXPERIENCE …is awesome

  7. Hello! Hello! You lovely people, I'm from Vermont and new to your channel 🙂 I'm soooo glad your off the roof!!!!!! Really Enjoy your channel…. Good Luck!!


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