Spring Fed Timber Framed Greenhouse Part 1 Design/Materials

Spring Fed Timber Framed Greenhouse Part 1 Design/Materials

While the weather is good i am making preparations for the greenhouse project. This will be a winter workshop project with the goal of getting the greenhouse up in time for the next growing season.

It is 6.5m X 3.5m and made of reclaimed hardwood sleepers (untreated) I think it will be a fun project and im looking forward to starting the joinery. But first we have to do design, foundations and materials harvesting/collecting.

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Written by Aleksandar

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  1. I would urge you never to run your hand over the top of the planer. Take your hand off and place it on the timber when it is over the out feed bed. I was a joiner and have seen and known people loose bits of their hand when they slip. You can also use silicone spray to lubricate the bed so you don’t have to use undue force which can also lead to injuries.

  2. Hi Kris, I have always enjoyed your models, definitely an integral part of the design/build process for me as well. I find this particular frame intriguing because it's a different style than the typical frame you'd see here in the US. It's almost like a beautiful cross between a typical frame and a cruck frame. Brilliant way of opening up the central overhead down the middle, the typical way I've see people accomplish that is by using a hammer beam style truss. Your design is elegant yet simple, can't wait to see it standing!

  3. Hey man. Starting on plans for a small timber frame house myself, looking for recommendations on where to find useful info about timber sizes etc… any ideas? Cheers, all the best!

  4. Wow ,you are such a hard worker ,and I stop being amazed at what you are accomplishing there . Love to you and Dot . I've been watching you since about the 5 th episode ,but I've fallen behind . I think it would behoove me to get that sorted .

  5. HI Kris i wonder what your opinion is on the treated timbers we have available to us today the likes of decking ,fencing ,shiplap cladding and the like in my area it seem to be a fir or pine that is treated .

  6. Amazing work your doing. Would love to do the same. We have been looking for land in Lancashire but nothing suitable under the 50k mark. What is the model of the thicknesser you have ? It seems to work real well with your power source. Regards Paul.

  7. You know Chris I've been watching you literally for day 1I'm always impressed which you're genius But you know accidents happen like your head Please put your goggles on your friend

  8. A easy DIY cyclone wood chip and dust extractor might be a good winter build. Mostly scrap wood and no moving parts! Saves a lot of wear and tear on your new dust collector.

  9. i've noticed that glass rooves have a habit of attracting wildlife into a building. i have a partial glass roof in my shed and the number of wasps and bees that come in through the door have warranted use of a dedicated catching bucket.

  10. America!!!
    Well this watcher isn't.
    England, right next to you Sunshine
    In fact my name came from Wales.
    Rhonda valley.
    Don't ask what the incentive was behind that.
    Seems two people getting on rather well at the time, 1 pregnant……yeah

  11. Have you ever thought about using the shou sugi ban technique for any of your wood projects? I took a woodshop class way back in high school and we used a planer machine just like that so they are floating around here and there in the US.

  12. Kris, I only recently stumbled onto your channel. I am so impressed with your industry and creativity. Really splendid witnessing a craftsman create. Well done, cheers


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