Solar Greenhouse Design 101

Solar Greenhouse Design 101

This introductory 1-hour webinar presents the essential basics for designing and building your own custom, energy-efficient greenhouse for year-round food production. Energy-efficient greenhouses enable you to grow your own food year-round, without relying on fossil fuels or transported foods. We cover the basics of passive solar greenhouse design and renewable / sustainable climate control methods.

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Written by Aleksandar

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  1. Thank you for excellent info! My passive solar greenhouse has just approached its first winter and with temperature inside at 5 -10 degrees C. (40-50 F.) humidity is at about 90-95%. Water is condensating and dripping everywhere. How do I eliminate or reduce that? Ventilating moisture out with intake from outside (25 *F) would cool the space below freezing. Is heating only option?

  2. I am finding window companies don't enjoy greenhouses as the humid conditions ruin their R rating, so it voids any warranty. I'm hoping to find a solution to condensation in a cold Canadian climate using glass.

  3. Why not using double layer Polyethylene Film in the winter. Remove it and replace it with a shade piece in the summer? I'm hearing the Film is lasting around 7 to 8 years.


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