Small DIY Greenhouse

Small DIY Greenhouse

Build your own greenhouse! Lots of tips in tricks in this video!
We have also created a premium plan if you’d like to build this exact greenhouse here:


Ana White


What do you think?


Written by Aleksandar

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  1. I like this greenhouse…but I LOVE the "Barn Greenhouse" with the corrugated metal around the bottom even better. I've looked for the plans and video here but can't find it. Can you direct me to where those plans are, thanks Ana!

  2. Nice greenhouse, I just wouldn't make the roof so steep. Nothing grows in the middle and the cucumbers or tomatoes could grow a little higher at the edge.

    Sorry that's the google translate. I cant speak English

  3. Ana, this may be an obvious question, but this video doesn't mention where your uncles lives. Will this greenhouse handle the snow load in Alaska (Kenai Peninsula)? I know to clear the snow from the roof after snowfall, but sometimes there can be a big load overnight, and, well, you know…. 🙂 Thanks!

  4. Two men carry a wall over to the build site then Ana comes into frame with a wall by herself. Granted it was a shorter rear wall, the optics here is horrible. You guys report to the front office and turn in you man card, ASAP!

  5. Again you guys install the corrugated polycarbonate incorrectly.
    The hills and valleys are supposed to run vertically to shed water and snow. Snow will not slide off! Rain will not flow off the gh in heavy rain.
    If you go to any corrugated manufacturer they state “align sheets vertically”.
    It’s a lazy man/ woman’s way of attaching corrugated polycarbonate.
    Folks stick with the experts not amateurs.

  6. How has this been holding up during the winter? Just bought a house in Wasilla, and I'm developing project plans, a greenhouse being one of them. I'm concerned about the weight of snow on our bad winters buuuuuut really want one.

  7. Boards must be painted before installation, cannot be done afterwards, they show through the plastic panels. There are many more boards added that are not included in the instructions. You can actually see them in the video. Consider the additional boards needed before purchasing the wood.

  8. What kind of figure do you have in cost for this size greenhouse, not including labor. And couldn't you make it bigger and put in raised beds in it ? If you were to put in raised beds I would dump the dirt in before the rafters went up right?


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