See inside my Walipini Underground Greenhouse Construction Great Walipini

See inside my Walipini Underground Greenhouse Construction Great Walipini

Take a look inside my walipini – underground greenhouse. See how it’s constructed and what I am growing as I attempt winter gardening or should I say year round gardening. If you would like to see more or have questions, please comment below. We are at approximately, 5000 feet located in Eagle Mountain, Utah.
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Apocalyptic Gardening – The Underground Garden


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Written by Aleksandar

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  1. Jonny Deuteronomy 1 year ago. Please make a video on what you would do different next time you build a wallipini.
    Mo Drums 1 second ago. Yeah that would be nice Apocalyptic Gardner did ya make another and how is it going ? What part of AZ are you located or what altitude ? Making plans to get my gh done this summer 2020 ! Thanks!

  2. hey thanx from North Canada for the upload. Very nice setup!

    Yet I would at 3:00 put at least 2-3 cubic yards of planting mix per tree so they can develop a substantial root system to support vegetative growth over the next 10 years. Remove the concrete so close to the base of the trees too – it will crack and f@@k up your floor, which will affect the walls and the structural integrity of the Wallipini.

    The ones that last over the years usually have rock-gravel beds with 4 inch angled drainage pipes and then successive layers of black earth and planting mix with lots of Humus-MycoRhizal and microbial activity (we do Permaculture:)
    Your roof rain gutters should be angled forwards and downwards using gravity to pool the rainwater into tanks at the front-lower elevation area.
    Here in Northern Canada the winters can get to -40 Celsius with the wind chill.

    keep on uploading bud. love to find videos like this.

  3. I would move the trees away from the concrete wall – I'd be worried that as they get larger their roots would break up the concrete wall.

  4. Nice Trees! I have a 1 year old Avocado Tree me and my Wife started from a Pit 2 winters ago. It sprouted last Spring and is about 5 foot tall now. I have mine in a very large terra-cotta pot in my greenhouse here in Texas. Planning on moving to Colorado before it starts fruiting so I can put it in the ground (after fertilizing a hole). Texas has too acidic soil for it and it’s extremely hot here… not good for avocados outside. Anyhow, thought I would share, like your video

  5. I am wanting to build a walipini in the mountains of No Georgia (elev 2875). I just found your channel tonight, and would like to know what things you would do differently if you were to build another walipini. You may have already addressed it, but if you did, would you please share a link. Thank you.

  6. Love the video. If you said, Goji berry bush, they need pollinators. Mine fruited in 1 year. zone 7. Question: how much land do you own that you're able to build this? Suburbs/country?

  7. One other question is on temp .what have the lowest temps been outside where you live? And what were you able to maintain inside? Then in summer do you have to use a shade cloth to keep from getting to hot? How hot does it get in side? Any stats? So many designs out there.

  8. You should pull your thermometer away from the wall. Heat that retains in the concrete may be warmer than whats in the actual greenhouse. So your readings may not be accurate. But i love it!!


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