Plants for our Spring Garden Plan

Plants for our Spring Garden Plan

Need plants for your Spring Garden Plan? Suffering from the Winter Blues and looking forward to Spring? Well, take a walk with Derica as she shares with you what we plan on planting for our Spring Garden! Find some inspiration on what, where, how and when to plant your spring garden. Even if you still have snow on the ground, it isn’t too early to dream up your perfect Spring Garden and get a head start on your growing season! Hope this gives you some ideas and inspiration as you shop for seeds and start your own Spring Garden plan this year!

Some of the Seed Companies that are highlighted in this video:
Baker Creek:
Growin Crazy Acres:
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Black Seeded Simpson:
Rossa di Trento Lettuce:
Lettuce Crisp Mint:

Root Crops
Scarlet Nantes:
Danvers Half Long:
Purple Top White Globe Turnip:
Beet Golden:
Leek Dawn Giant:
Crimson Forest Bunching:
Evergreen Bunching:
Daikon Radish:
White Winter Radish:

Sugar Ann Snap Pea:
Black Turtle Beans:
Bush Blue Lake Beans:
Pinto Beans:
California Blackeye Cowpea:

Red Homestead Tomato:
Cherry Super Sweet Tomato:
Roma Tomato:
Delicious Tomato:
Beefsteak Tomatoes:

Marigold Dwarf Bolero:
Nasturtium Peach Melba:
Butterfly Weed:
Blue Flax:
Butterfly & Bird Wildflowers:

Wonderful Red Mustard Greens:
Mustard Greens Green Wave:

Napa Cabbage:
Charleston Cabbage:
Pak Choi White Stem:

Zucchini Black Beauty:
Squash Golden Zucchini:
Yellow Crookneck:
Dark Green Zucchini:
Caserta Zucchini:
Summer Squash Saffron:

Gardener’s Choice
Golden Bantam Corn:
Tall Utah Celery:
A&C Cucumber:
Lemon Cucumber:
Thai Red Roselle:
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  1. Part of our family’s gardening stories is one about strawberries and I wanted to share it because of the comment about rhubarb loving horse poop. Strawberries love horse poop as well.

    My grandfather was an avid gardener. He and his family were living close to a village, right on one of the main roads leading to it so there were a lot of people passing by. A new family moved into the area and the eldest son was a bit challenged intellectually. He was friendly though, and full of questions which my Grandpa never minded answering. One day he comes by as my grandfather was carting bout a big load of horse poop mixed with chopped straw.

    New neighbor’s son (NNS): “What are you carting about?”
    Grandfather (GF): “Horse poop.”
    NNS: “What on Earth ‘d you want to do that for?”
    GF: “To put on my strawberries.”
    NNS: “You poor thing! Come to my house!”
    GF: “Why?”
    NNS: “My Mom always puts sugar and cream on ours. That’s got to be WAY tastier than horse muck!”

  2. Feeera este video! Siga firme com os viideos! Te desejo toda sorte com o teu canal!
    Obs.: Não quero lhe incomodar, mas se houver um tempinho para ir no meu canal e dizer o que achou sobre meus vídeos (#gugapilar), agradeço pra caramba!
    Um abraço e até mais! 🙏🏼💪🏻👊🏼

  3. Rhubarb LOVES horse poo. Mix some in with the soil when planting. And make horse-poop soup for watering (take a 5-gallon bucket, add a large dollop of poop, fill with water and put the lid on, let it sit for a few days, fill your watering can with 1/5 horse-poop soup and the remaining 4/5 with water)


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