Planning the GARDEN for SPRINGTIME Planting GRAPE VINES Trimming Greenhouse Winter Vegetables

Planning the GARDEN for SPRINGTIME Planting GRAPE VINES Trimming Greenhouse Winter Vegetables

Preparing this years Container Garden with a SEED Planting BLUEPRINT. Update to my Garden Dates to Remember. Trimming Grape Vines and hedge bushes to minimize shade and shadows on the Harbor Freight Greenhouse. The cats name is Squeek and shes 7 years old.
All sound effects were created by me in MAGIX MUSIC MAKER. With its included Instruments, Synthesizers and SoundPools.
Thanks to Kevin Macleod for the royalty free music. Some changes were made, like speeding up or slowing down a section to fit the length of a video clip.
Electrodoodle by Kevin MacLeod
Future Cha Cha by Kevin MacLeod
Funkorama by Kevin MacLeod




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Written by Aleksandar

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  1. Garden stuff I use:

    Grey Containers I use on the deck to grow lettuce:

    (The 7 Gallon model, drill drainage holes in bottom)

    Organic Fertilizer 5-1-1 Quart size:

    Organic Fertilizer 5-1-1 Gallon size:

    (I mix one tablespoon per gallon of water, feed once per week)

    Morbloom Fertilizer 0-10-10 Quart:

    Morbloom Fertilizer 0-10-10 Gallon:

    (For the tomatoes and peppers)




    AZOMITE rock dust 44lb:

    AZOMITE smaller 2lb bag:

    (mix into soil for healthier plants)

    Seedling Heat Mat:

    Heat Mat Combo Pack:

    Heat Mat Thermostat:

    100 watt LED Grow Light:

    Light Bulbs for indoor growing:

    Reflector for light bulbs:

    Small 2" Seedling Pots:

    Larger 3.5" Seedling Pots:

    Sterlite 16qt Containers (Holds seedling pots):

    Soil Sifting Screen:

    Soil Test Kit:

    Gloves (Thin Blue):

    Gloves (Red Heavy Duty):

    Food Dehydrator – Excalibur 2400:

    Salad Spinner Colander (Zyliss):

    Food Processor (hand powered, Zyliss):

    Basting Brush Set:

    Knife (Shun):

    Jar Sealer Tool:

    Vacuum Pump:

    Potato Masher (for making Grape Juice):

    55 Gallon Rain Barrels:

    Bulk Head Fittings (Garden hose size):

    Spigot (Fast Water Flow):

    Wind Chimes I bought:

    Medium size:

    Small version:

    Large size:

    Garden Shoes (Waterproof):

    HISEA Wetsuit Rubber Shoes:

    Clarks Bowman Free:

    Animal Control:

    (Birds) Plastic Owl Scarecrow:

    Tulle Fabric Row Cover:

    (Deer) Motion Activated Water Sprinkler:

    Fence 50' roll(green coated wire):

    Insect Control:

    BT Caterpillar Killer(Organic Safe):

    Neem Oil(Organic Safe):

    Diatomaceous Earth Powder(Organic safe):

    Cameras – Motion Activated:

    For viewing Deer and Animals(also for time lapses):

    Bushnell Trophy Cam:

    BOLY SG562-D (with spotlight)

    Camera I use to make youtube videos:

    Panasonic HC-V770 Camcorder:

    SEEDS – My Favorite Varieties:



    Collard Greens:

    Lettuce – Red Sail:

    Lettuce – Black Seeded Simpson:


    ROMA Italian Tomato:

    Sun Sugar Cherry Tomato:

    Peppers (Sweet):

    Giant Marconi:

    Red Bell:

    Peppers (Hot):






    Alibi (Most Productive I've Grown):


    Rattlesnake Pole(Green and Purple Stripes):

    Green Watering Can:

    Small Cages for Pepper Plants:

    Greenhouse 8'x6':

    Thanks. I hope this list was helpful to someone.

    (paid link)

    As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.

  2. Been swamped with school work and I missed your upload, but I'm so damned happy 😆😆 you uploaded a new video! I'm so glad to see you are doing well and staying safe! Hello Squeak baby!!

  3. Очень нравится смотреть как вы живёте!!! Теперь смотрю без звука , поломался планшет.

  4. Man long time no see you
    I really miss you how are you?
    I appreciate your information and I’m a fan from Saudi Arabia I hope one day I can meet you thanks 🙏🏻


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