Passive Solar Greenhouse Roof Design

Passive Solar Greenhouse Roof Design

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In this video I talk about the truss design for our passive solar greenhouse. In this particular design we cut notches out of fir beams to allow for 2×4 perlins. It is a beautiful and functional design that will allow us to mount the polycarbonate flush to the rafters.




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Written by Aleksandar

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  1. Can anyone do geothermal heating or does it take a particular piece of property and if so what would I look for in a property? We really want to have geothermal heat.

  2. Why didn't you go with a rot resistant wood like cedar, redwood, teak? I've often thought of what material to use and with the humidity inside thought something other than pine would be a better choice. Are you going to protect the wood by some other means ie paint/stain?

    Project looks great though!


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