Passive Solar Greenhouse on a COLD DAY at Thor Haven Farm

Passive Solar Greenhouse on a COLD DAY at Thor Haven Farm

We have a greenhouse high on our priority list this year so we decided to take a little road trip. We had to go into town anyways.
I went to Thor Haven Farm to check out this sweet Solar passive greenhouse build.
Check out their YouTube Channel:
The hat i’m wearing is a Foutuque made by a friend:
Thor Haven Farm’s Website:
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Passive Solar Greenhouse on a COLD DAY at Thor Haven Farm
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Written by Aleksandar

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  1. Thanks for showing the greenhouse. I would love to build a nice greenhouse as well but need to build a root cellar first. However, the shutdown hit us really hard so neither will happen this year.. Just trying to live in the moment I guess (we have two young children which change everything.. wonderfully devastating :-)). We have a homestead in Nova Scotia (I do it full time but the kids only go to school about 1-2 days/week so I am not getting much done). Have a great day

  2. Hey Malorie, finaly made it over to your channel! Really cool stuff, my wife and I are trying to make a food forest on our property where we live. She is actually taking a permaculture class this summer and we should be starting the process soon!!! I took a class on les serres d'abondances you might be interested in. Reach out through DM on insta I may have some interesting resources for you.

  3. Merci de nous faire découvrir cette ferme! Je ne savais pas qu'il y avait du boeuf highland à St-Raymond! Et les oeuvres de Brigitte sont magnifiques! Des produits locaux à découvrir!

  4. I would love to have a space to build that greenhouse. It looks like they have a great setup there. I will be checking out their channel for sure. Thanks for taking us along on your road trip.

  5. Thank you!!! I get my timmi's fix vicariously threw you and to see my favorite breed of cattle AND a cool green house. And Yes the double layer plastic we do here as well. Our Master Gardener greenhouse is double layer plastic
    This might be my favorite video

  6. Great video! I've been thinking about building a passive solar greenhouse as well. If you haven't checked out Verge Permaculture, they are great resource! I've been following them for sometimes.

    Love you and your channel! I'm looking forward to seeing the progress on your homestead and greenhouse. Keep up the great work 🙂

  7. Looks like it was a great visit. We have been following Thor Haven Farm to and they have a really nice setup! The greenhouse is really nice it will be nice to follow Darren's progression with it. Also will be interesting to see what you guys come up with. The Passive solar idea is a good one! The kids love your toque/scarf and the baby shark mitts!

  8. I love passive solar, thats how the house is designed here. if theres a way to get moss to grow and stay on the walls that will provide even more insulation blus give it a rainforest effect inside as well with moisture retention.

  9. Beautiful country, yes love the greenhouse! Its always neat to go back 2 old places we have lived. Fun hat/scarf I've made one where the scarf comes don the sides by the ears, but this would be a fun style to try. Take care and stay warm!

  10. What a beautiful job! Bet it smelled wonderful.the sod roof is gonna look cool.great road trip. Food forest!😃permaculture my friend! That bee hive shelter is beautiful too. You got some really nice new friends mallorie. Awesome visit. Very inspiring. Have a great day everyone.😃🍺🤙🔥

  11. Loved seeing Thor Haven Farm and gathering new ideas. A Passive Solar Greenhouse is a super idea. Can't wait to see Ben's cactus and tropical blooms! I feel a greenhouse is a healing environment!

  12. That is such a cute apron!! If our rocky ground allows, we are going to try and build a Walapini (apparently you can grow all year) this reminds me of that! We double wrap our chicken coop and goat barn outdoor area….It really DOES make a difference! Great video! Went over and subbed them as well!

  13. Thats a pretty awesome greenhouse. I bet it'll work great once they get all the soil backfilled.
    Congrats on all the new subs. You're killing it.
    Haven't had a chance to drop by much. Been so busy with the homestead my Gf and I bought getting everything set up.
    Have a awesome day.


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