My Dream Greenhouse! 🤩🤞😍// Garden Answer

My Dream Greenhouse! 🤩🤞😍// Garden Answer


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Written by Aleksandar

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  1. Seeing this after getting to know Laura and Aaron are donating their gasibo and getting a hartly botanic greenhouse instead. Very informative. What a weird coincidence that the sign in the beginning had the logo Corona beside Hartly Botanic. Probably a sponsor or something like that. But that name have really gone to my head 😅😷🤯

  2. they did not address how one normally heats the greenhouses? I saw the end one (victorian manor) with the wood or pellet stove but doubt that is the norm. So how are greenhouses usually heated in winter. Our winters are mild, lowest around 23 which is rare but there are placed that go down to zero. Even the teens is bad. So how do you heat greenhouses in winter.

  3. Ok this was totally fun to watch now knowing what we all know. You can literally see Laura's wheels turning in her head. 😂😁🤣 How can I swing a deal to get this sooner rather than later. 👍🏻 Good job. I'm sooooo excited for you.

  4. And just like that almost exactly two years later (as Laura kind of predicted in this video), her dream is coming true! So very, very, very happy for you Laura. It will be beautiful on your property! This is definitely a dream of mine too! Someday….keep on dreamin!

  5. I can see why you love these green houses. One would look AMAZING on your property. I hope I get to see when you get one (SOON!!!). I will live vicariously through you! 🤣

  6. We’re kindred spirits, for sure. You have such great taste. The Hartley-Botanic line is so beautiful and has been a dream of mine, also. I have a feeling you’ll have yours in no time. I, on the other hand, will be old and gray before I could ever afford such luxury…if even then. 😂


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Plants Happy In Their Root Pouch Grow Bags In My Heated Greenhouse

Plants Happy In Their Root Pouch Grow Bags In My Heated Greenhouse