Indoor vs Greenhouse Seed Starting

Indoor vs Greenhouse Seed Starting

Thank you for watching this episode of KT Outdoorz Garden content where we help you save money by sharing our methods for generating local, healthy food resources that continually builds the soil that ultimately feeds you and your family. We have been growing our own food and building a more sustainable life since 2012 here in Zone 6b, and are looking forward to using this platform to share some of what we have learned with our viewers.

Today, we share our thoughts on he pros and cons of starting your own seedlings. Specifically, we explore our experiences with starting seeds both indoors and outdoors in our various greenhouse spaces. It’s an interesting topic as both methods offer some specific advantages over the other, and we hope this video helps you make an informed decision as you debate which approach is best for you, or if a combination style approach is worth considering.

Below I have included some links to various videos on YouTube exploring some of the ideas and concepts shared in this video. Specifically indoor seed starting systems, as well as some creative ways to keep your plants from freezing in your greenhouse spaces.

Indoor Seed Starting System Ideas

Heating your Greenhouse

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