Ikea Milsbo Review- Greenhouse for House Plants?!

Ikea Milsbo Review- Greenhouse for House Plants?!

Hey Planty People!
I recently made a big purchase and bought myself an Ikea Milsbo cabinet! I do plan on make multiple videos on this guy and updated my thoughts on it when I’ve had it longer. Please watch until the end of the video and leave a like and a comment! If you’re enjoying my content, please consider subscribing so that you don’t miss any future uploads.


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  1. I just bought the small Milsbo cabinet in white. I live in a 4 seasons climate so its to cold for me to set it up. So for the spring/summer when my area starts to get in plants, I'm going to us mine for just Hoya's of all kinds that I can find. I've bought all white pots for the cabinet I can't wait to get started. I love all the plants in your cabinet they are beautiful.

  2. Yes, it is worth the hype! Very pleased with mine. Hoyas are so happy with it. I have three shelves & weather striping. Not true that you have to have a hole drilled out at the bottom. I wrapped the cords out and around the bottom side of the door. No issue. I didn't go with the glass shelves, I modified to fit grated metal shelves. No humidifier since all my hoyas are in semi hydro, they put off so much humidity. My cabinet stays at 90% humidity with two 5 inch fans.
    The cons listed in this video can be overcome with modifications. Also, I had no issue with the doors. I'd say go back over your install and make sure everything was screwed in correctly and glass panels/ siding are fitting snugly at the top.

  3. Hey! Did you try levelling the cabinet? The feet are like screws for that purpose. Takes a little playing around but you can get it levelled that way. If you already tried that, ignore this 😉.

  4. I highly recommend blue taping the entire bottom panel before drilling. It will protect the surface from metal fragments and drill bit scratches. Then vacuum before removing the tape.


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