How To Make A Custom Rain Barrel For A Greenhouse

How To Make A Custom Rain Barrel For A Greenhouse

I make a custom rain barrel to collect water from my greenhouse roof, for my greenhouse using a Rain Recycle Kit from The Rain Barrel Depot

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The partially buried 50-gallon Rubbermaid trash can serves as the rain barrel, with an underground water line feeding the spigot inside the greenhouse.


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Written by Aleksandar

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  1. YES, build on. I came here for the rocket stove about a year ago and just stuck around. I will be building a cob, wood fired pizza / bread oven this year, getting some of your plans. God Bless, stay safe. EDIT: Just getting to watch. Had to get everything ready for the ice and snow that came in.

  2. Maybe you could add a short hose to the inside spigot so you won't have to hold the watering can to fill it.
    I have a 55 gallon water collector that I glue gunned a screen over the hole in the top. Hoping you succeed with the bird bath on top.

  3. Great video. It would've been a nice project simply to sink the large barrel in the ground and call it a day, but you went the extra mile and installed the underground pipe and spigot, which made it an extra cool project. ☺ We'll be looking forward to hearing an update on the new barrel in the future.

  4. What a great idea for a rain barrel. I may have to put one (or two) under my downspouts.
    Just for your information, what you were calling iron pipe, is actually steel, and yes, steel is made from iron just like brass is made from mostly copper.

  5. Great – down to earth – get a bit of dirt on your hands boy – is the best advice for kids so they can do stuff rather than being stuck to mobile phones – the more projects the better

  6. What a terrific project. I have been using 30 & 55 gallon plastic barrels for a number of years. Is there anything behind the three holes in the lid? If not, perhaps a bit of screen or porous cloth would be appropriate to keep mosquitoes and other insects out of the water. Love your idea for the concave birdbath lid; am sure the birds will too. Great seeing you in action and hearing the trains. Enjoy your day. Peace brother.

  7. Garden tip:
    Many "weeds" are in reality edible, and/or medicinal plants.
    ID-ing them with an app makes this job easy too.
    That way you could save yourself some weed pulling time, while also purposely growing more plants who are no longer weeds!

    It's only a weed,
    if it's not a plant you need.
    ❤ 🌱 ❤

  8. Nice! I wonder if a garden hose attached to the spigot end would make watering easier— not having to keep refilling the water can? I guess you'd probably have to have some kind of pump in that case, since your planting beds are so much higher than the spigot? The things I don't know!!!

  9. I do have one concern about the lid-birdbath and wonder if you have considered. If birds bathe there they will also likely leave their droppings, which would then flow into your water. Would this increase the possibility of disease and or contamination? It's my understanding that bird droppings can be dangerous. I've not researched this….so can't claim it as fact.

  10. I love it! Super great system. I've been catching rain water in 5 gallon buckets for a while now. I've increased capacity by multiplying the buckets. BUT THIS gives me ideas on how I could possibly convert to the 50 gallon collection without it getting in the way. I'm excited to explore what will work in my garden.

  11. Elon Musk might be calling to get you signed up as a consultant for his Boring Company! The Rain Recycle kit looks like a one-stop-shop for getting a rainwater catchment system installed. I'm guessing your plants will be happier drinking rain water than chlorinated tap water. 5 Train video!!! Trains @ 3:57 & 11:40 & 16:39 & 23:12 & 25:39

  12. I appreciate your videos for many reasons. One example is the iterative approach you take. I enjoy seeing your process applied over time! Solving problems; bettering our environment(s); and making real progress is a goal we can achieve one seemingly simple iteration at a time!

  13. We've had a rain barrel for a few years, but haven't installed it because of all the parts involved. I just ordered the rain barrel kit- THANK YOU SO MUCH! This is EXACTLY what we've needed 🙂


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