How to Build Raised Garden Beds in a Greenhouse

How to Build Raised Garden Beds in a Greenhouse

I’m finally getting around building some more raised garden beds in the high tunnel greenhouse. I decided to go the easy route and just build them out of treated lumber this time.

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Written by Aleksandar

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  1. My 94 yr old mama is on a walker. I am trying to talk her into raised beds with wall way between. This is a great help. She plans on a six year plan before stopping. I am going to use Leons wick ideas for some winter crops.

  2. I love the simplicity of this design. Guess what my husband and I are building for our orangery? This is what I’ve been looking for, for a while. This year we are finally getting our orangery built by a kit. Awesome!

  3. Treated timbers not that bad I had a horse eat an entire post of the stuff over a period of several weeks and she suffered no ill effects strange animal the biggest danger can come from burning the stuff don’t put it in your wood stove or on your bequest or even a bonfire if you are going to be anywhere near the smoke

  4. Beautiful. I think they are making more friendly treatment for the boards but I do not know what. My lumber is doing fine with no treatment. 8 years now.
    Oh, I do have an aggressive root coming up from the bottom. Could be an oak from nearby.

  5. Trying to get caught up on videos.Nice job on the raised beds i like that you can drive over them to put the dirt in them thats smart.I dont worry about the pressure treated lumber they have took most of the real dangerous chemicals out its mostly copper thats in them now.Happy gardening my friend

  6. Awesome job Daniel.I don't think I would worry about the pressure treated lumber.The extra life of ur beds is worth the use.I don't worry about a health issue.I myself wouldn't worry about it.Be safe at work.God Bless you and yours.P.S. Miss your helper Houston.

  7. looks great. I'm with you on cost of boards, o I'll be using PTW also. My big worry is th he's t as the PTW starts to break down thd Toxic chemicals will saturate the soil and get into my food to manage that issue I'll be lining the raised beds. I had planned on doing multiple small beds but thanks to you I will extra long beds. you saved me Work and Money. thanks bro. Stay Safe, GOD BLESS You and Yours

  8. I like raised beds for some things. Like, I wouldn't put corn in a raised bed, or pole beans, but anything I have to bend over to harvest, yeah. Pressure treated lumber is a tough call. I understand not wanting to replace the wood every year. But then, how much of the chemical leaches into the soil from the wood?

  9. That all looks good and I agree with the treated lumber.  I really like the idea of raised beds.  Does it help with weed control?  I hate having to fight the weeds in a garden and they always seem to volunteer to grow just where you do not want them.

  10. Raised beds are so much easier when you're disabled & / or older. I'm wondering if you need more braces in to keep the boards from bowing out from the weight of the dirt. I love the beds Daniel. I think you'll be glad you made them.

  11. I've used raised beds in the past, it's a little nicer for working height and easier to maintain soils ph and fertility, but you can't really rototiller them so you have to turn them by hand unless you buy one of those small cultivators like the ones with the weed trimmer motors. That the main reason I didn't use them at my house now. Regarding the pressure treated lumber everyone will make their comments that it's not safe, but they stopped using arsenic in the treating of the lumber years ago, but I still went a step further and lined the box walls with 6mil plastic, so nothing would leech into the soil if there was still something else dangerous in the newer pressure treating lumber. As for using old recycled railroad ties I wouldn't recommend it, there's a reason those things are 40yrs old and still usable, treated with some nasty stuff. Take care

  12. I had the same question about the treatment on the lumber leaching into my garden but was told if you wrap the lumber in black heavy plastic it should do good as far as not leaching and will also depend on the amount of rain or moisture but with yours being in a green house you can better control that. Looks great by the way. What are you filling it with dirt, compose, leaf wise and what veggies are you going to plant?

  13. I like the beds they turned out great! can't wait to see what you decide to plant in them. LMBO!! "that will make your babies born with hair on their chest" hahaha, how do you come up with stuff like that LOL !!


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