How I Plan to Heat a Greenhouse With a Raised Bed

How I Plan to Heat a Greenhouse With a Raised Bed

The secret project has been revealed! But how well will this garden heat the greenhouse?

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  1. China ain't all bad, bro. They send us their stuff. We send them our freshly printed funny money. We're ripping them off, despite what that orange guy tells everyone.

  2. around the pipes it would be better to have sand, it will help disperse the heat as well as hold it better. the straw will insulate but it will not hold it well.

  3. Sorry you bent your heater, looks like you are heading for a lot of work, I have a raised bed, in our area it get so hot in summer, seems like the plants don't perform, I water it twice a day, but it stays so dry, not to happy with it, but as always REMEMBER JESUS LOVES YOU. Be safe

  4. Check out some Legal Medical Cannabis Farms . So of them Grow the way you would like to Already… No Till Style !! The one had Built beds like yourself but down into the Ground and is heating it like you want to… I am thinking that he is working on his 9th or 10th Green House. And has done Most of the Work his self. He had Taped most of it all on his You Tube Page. To be Honest with ya, what i see on the web. now these days is No Till Cannabis Growing.It's the way to grow now a days they say.. Top Dressing , Cover Cropping… Anyways ill stop here but again, you might want to check the Web. out.. Think that some of the info there will help you on this. Thank again

  5. Last one, sorry not sorry, if indeed the raised bed gets crazy hot(meat thermometer) you could use it for year-round Hawaiian luaus. Even grow your own banana trees for the leaves, ornamental Banana trees are pretty short.

  6. I loved this video from the beginning, what an awesome idea! At 1:45 you are in a huge tangle of tubing, hilarious! Hitting that tree! Chuckling at 7:03, too funny! This video was full of all the stuff that makes you a real person, not perfect. Pretty sure most others would have edited that stuff out, you didn't, thank you!

  7. I hope your intention is not to germinate seeds in this bed as I say this from experience they will cook the heat is to hot for the seeds to germinate they bake instead. after you set up your bed place a meat thermometer in the soil and you will see what I mean

  8. i am also concerned that you may either dry out or cook your roots mr stadler is right i think you will want to connect to other things soon and rather than break open you system it would be the way to go .. this way you can put a (radiator heater for the air and control how long you heat your beds therby not cooking or drying them out but still allowing the system to circulate you might be able to just use an old heater or ac core or just a coil of copper pipe to with a fan behind the fan will also help in your pollenating

  9. Very cool. I was planning to do something similar in my greenhouse. I was unsure what to use as insulation the hay is a really good idea. I'm very curious to see how this turns out in the long term.

    I did a similar boiler move earlier this year with a skid steer and 3 other guys. I'm not surprised the tractor was able to lived the boiler but I sure am surprised it's strong enough to haul around you massive balls! That is one heck of a job to do by yourself. Hats off to you. Keep up the good work.

  10. great progress so far. i like the idea, my suggestion would be to put the pex in a bunch of clean road gravel at the lowest possible level of your beds. keeping the heat away from the plants but yet utilizing the thermo mass of the bed still. i think the comment about the soil drying out is a valid one.

  11. I really love this poly tunnel, heated raised beds now. Pretty interesting idea! Hope it work. Maybe Bury the pex deeper then the roots won't be touched much but the heat will permiate through the soil, might give more wiggly room for the temperature adjustments?

  12. Good idea dad, but I think I would be weary with heating the bed and drying out the soil. It may help to bury the PEX pipe even deeper into the soil under the bed. I also really liked your idea of adding the loop of PEX around the exterior borders of the greenhouse. And definitely utilizing black barrels of water as thermal Mass is a great idea.


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