Growing Mushrooms Outdoors In Greenhouses | New Design Upgrade!

Growing Mushrooms Outdoors In Greenhouses | New Design Upgrade!

If you didn’t know I won Business Person Of the Year in Summerland last weekend. Incredibly honored, humbled and grateful to share this with all of you. We take on 40 students every year through our Mentorship and truly believe my business would not be the same without YouTube, so thank you from all of us at What The Fungus!

Exciting and productive week on the farm. I am really looking forward to finishing our new greenhouse design. In this video learn why we are upgrading our grow rooms. Check out CY Growers in Vancouver if you like what you see.

Greenhouse frame is from Shelterlogic. Modifications are as follows…Front and end walls are custom tubular steel that was mounted with a few bolts to the greenhouse frame. Poly is Suncover UVA, 6mil, white and is mounted with channel lock and plastic coated wiggle wire.

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Written by Aleksandar

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  1. Hey man, so do you need to intake and exhaust air in greenhouses, or is passive air intake enough?

    How do you controll tempatures in greenhouses, and wouldnt the humidity escape with vents open? Theres like panel greenhouses with latch windows up top, do you think they would work? Thanks man.

  2. congrats for the award!

    About greenhouse design I wonder why you didn't install a shade cloth raised high over the greenhouses to provide better shade. I remember you talked about that possibility in a video time ago. Is there a reason why you didn't take that choice? wouldn't it provide better shade and make the greenhouses last more? Greetings

  3. Congratulations! Well deserved Brian. I'd also like to take partial credit as I was there in July last year for the mentorship with Julian. Kidding…Keep up the great work. Best wishes to you, Hope, Clay and Simon.

  4. Good job, I would say if you go with magnets keep them close to the door handle, having them mounted at the top might twist the frame, just thinking aloud Brian….


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