Greenhouse or home entrance? 🤷 | Your Home In Their Hands – BBC

Greenhouse or home entrance? 🤷 | Your Home In Their Hands - BBC

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The big reveal, and nature is now part of the entrance hall, much to the Baileys’ surprise.

Two couples take the brave step of handing over their front door keys to amateur designers in exchange for a massive makeover.

Sarah Marshall’s habit of picking wallpaper off the dining room walls has left both her husband and their house in a state. Steve Bailey’s perfectionist streak means he can never finish jobs and wife June has never lived in a finished house.

Overseeing proceedings is straight-talking interior designer Celia Sawyer.

Your Home In Their Hands | Series 1 Episode 2 | BBC One

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Written by Aleksandar

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  1. i mean the fishtanks and plants looked cool but not for a house, plus that yellow was mean i'd be a no from me anyways, some people might like it just i dont. Also ik they give the decorator suggestions i wanna know what they said for the plants and fish tanks to be added-

  2. Can you imagine having to dust that wall? One thing that I love is home sweet home.. a crack in the paint, a mark on the wall.. so what, it's home. The last thing that I would EVER want to do is have someone come in a destroy my home. Everything here has a purpose and a place… because we made it that way. It's like asking someone, "hey, can we come and rearrange your face?" NO? Are you joking?

  3. It's her again the leather jump suit lady, plot twist. She really does the designs herself to see how far she depress the home owners. The more the owners are crushed the younger she gets

  4. Good news & bad news; the bad is a job of substractions & paint the walls, the good one this isn't as American shows. Families in America got complete home makeovers with renovations & additions. Sadly it added higher increases of property taxes; making needy families with many children & some disabled homeless after the show, sad.


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