GREENHOUSE/High Tunnel Questions Answered!

GREENHOUSE/High Tunnel Questions Answered!

Danny answers many questions about the high tunnel/ greenhouse that was asked. He explains the extras that we added to the high tunnel to turn it into a greenhouse high tunnel. for HIGH TUNNEL Kits
** Greenhouse VENT openers: You have to make your own window.
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  1. Maybe we should get together haha. You are having problems with cold and humidity, here in Spain it is Lack of water and heat. Always something. All we can do is persevere and Keep smiling xx Karen and Conrad xx

  2. We are starting the move Saturday of our 37×78 High tunnel greenhouse. It's definitely a greenhouse because it has a 30' swamp cooler and fans and a giant propane heater hanging in the rafters and we have a big wood stove for it too. We are turning one end into our milking room so we can run the cooler in the summer while milking and the rest will be citrus and other tropical fruit trees in the ground like an indoor garden

  3. Hey, hey, hey Wanda and Danny – Good day, I have been planning future grow lights for greenhouse, which the greenhouse is in progress now, what kind of bulbs, watts, is it glass heat lightbulb or led, and about what distance and height should it be hanging? I have 1 bp 3000 led now – maybe I should get more, what do you think. I was thinking for sun, heat and growth….My greenhouse is low side wall 16×32. Thank you and God bless!

  4. Great video Mr. Danny, that is a wealth of information and very much appreciated thank you guy for your videos most excited to watch each and every one when it available.

  5. Thank you so much! Very, very informative video, as usual! We cannot afford a high tunnel right now, and we are hoping to move in the future; so we are going to attempt a cattle panel tunnel-with fans and window and roll up screened sides. We have been watching all your advice and hope to be successful in this endeavor! Thank you again for spending so much of your time helping others like myself.

  6. Hi Danny, I was just on YouTube and I don't know if you're aware of this gentleman. He collects antique tools.Last name is Killinger. Look up (Antique tool chest has kept this secret for over a 170 years! Just amazing!) There is a link and a contact phone number to the guy that sells these tools. I know you collect antique tools and I thought this was just amazing and I wanted to share the information. Blessings to you and Wanda, we love y'all, love your Ocala Family

  7. Have you tried mixing 2 tablespoons of baking soda to a gallon of water? Use one of those little pump sprayer you like. Spray the plants and leaves tops and bottoms. This kills powdery mildew. Also, peas tend to prefer cooler tempetures. They can lightly freeze. I'm probably not telling you anything new. Just hope it helps.

  8. One day I’ll have a property like yours Danny , The grow lights you could put on a platform or individual strings and that way you can lower or raise your grow lights to maximize efficiency 🙂

  9. Size?
    How many people could you support.
    Family of 4?
    Additional structure support and extras add how much to total cost.
    Understand price increases, thinking percentage of green house cost.

  10. As usual Danny a very informative video Even though I want one badly this is not the time to be able to swing one for me I may have to go with something a whole lot smaller maybe just be doing a hoop house of some kind we'll see God bless you all

  11. Will you do a parts list and kit information for Growers Solution? You had said gel filled automatic shutters, I can't find them on their site. I haven't found the extra parts for the top as well. Perhaps a short video in your high tunnel pointing out exactly each item; with the parts information in the description that we can print off? Thank you so much for sharing your journey with all of us.

  12. Bought a 20 x 30 3.5' sidewall from growers solution. Went and picked up as they are only 3 1/2 hours from me and wanted 500 to ship it. Cant wait to get it up in the spring.




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