Greenhouse Design For Mushroom Growing

Greenhouse Design For Mushroom Growing

Putting up 2 greenhouse covers today.
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Written by Aleksandar

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  1. Dude, extrordinary job, u hace a lot thanks for shared always, im start in @Fungilandia And shared in spanish And im gonna have to shared ur job
    thanks for real man
    Keep going !!

  2. How are you can keep the climate in control because We are using special tents with air condition and air system and your system is too simple and can you harvest mushroom in winter and also in the summer I am wondering about that please answer me about that I can send you videos how our tent look like it’s about 100 m2 and we spend a lot of money about $10,000 we use a lot of things like a lighting system and air condition system and carbon dioxide control system and there is a system that controls all these functions Call the automated device
    how are you can do it in winter and in summer a lot thank you so much please answer

  3. Hey Brian, Real Question – Your asthma seems rough. With growing mushrooms for so many years, have you noticed an impact on your breathing, regardless of respirators etc.? I ask because I also have breathing issues. Even with respirators and following guidelines to minimize spore inhalation, have you personally noticed that after 5+ years of growing that some spore inhalation is inevitable, and have you noticed any breathing issues you would attribute to that environment? You're in a rare position of someone being hands on in fruiting rooms for many years, so I was just wondering your take away regarding your personal health impacts, if any.. Thanks for sharing and I really appreciate your videos and info. Very motivating and it's inspiring to watch someone master their art.

  4. Hi , your channels is really helpful and very good source of motivation. I want to know what material you use in green house to cover(i.e polycarbonate,plastic).

  5. @whatthefungus Wasnt it in a prior episodes you and @UrbanFarmer have a conversation about cheaper alternatives for greenhouse? Viewers may appreciate seeing more practical options, at least some do. Keep up the good work!

  6. I didn't learn my lesson the first time I put one of these up, the second just like the first was crushed by snow. if people live where snow load can at all be an issue, it's best to use the round tops.

  7. Hey something to try to keep the bugs and elements at bay, sandwich the bottom few inches of each small wall in between two pressure treated 2×4's. Keeps the small walls from flopping around in the wind would do it again in a heart beat.

  8. Forgot to mention, since your in Canada you could possibly make money overwintering beehives in the greenhouses but that's a wild hair idea.

  9. Hmm, why not sunken greenhouses with 6'+ buried earth sink to take advantage of ground temperature and regulate humidity and Insulated North wall?

  10. It might be that I'm wearing headphones instead of using speakers, but the music you guys overlay on the timelapse shots always seems excessively loud compared to the speaking volume.

  11. Wish you were closer. I would love to see your operation. Really impressive. Btw is it common to get snow this late in the year ? Wishing you all the best.


Site Selection Process Video.wmv

Site Selection Process Video.wmv

Greenhouse Climate & Control System

Greenhouse Climate & Control System