Greenhouse Design & Build | Permaculture Homestead

Greenhouse Design & Build | Permaculture Homestead

How we designed and built our 9x10m greenhouse on our permaculture homestead. Included are a desciption of the materials used, how we consider the solar pathway in the layout inside, managing the space in summer versus winter and planting with a permaculture design philosphy.


Loganberry Forest- Permaculture Homestead


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Written by Aleksandar

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  1. How about protection against water melon size hail stones? Our greenhouses made out of armored glass ceramic plates which are products of the 1950s Cold War military programs in Russia can withstand such threats but being the Russians we are, we wanted additional protection for our MILITARY GREENHOUSES by using a high vanadium stainless steel expanded metal mesh protecting them at the top and at the sides. This is one thing that I forgot to mention in my earlier comments. It is good you are using raised beds but how about trying a modified version of the Mittleider method developed in the 1950s and this time modified to use composite rock dust powders mixtures and biochar mixed in into it's artificial soil and modified further to make the raised beds higher and therefore deeper to avoid the natural soil if there is permafrost underneath it or will start becoming permafrost if it gets colder. Use the air pruning technique and 4 to 5 inches thick of silicone rubber foam at the bottom against extreme cold inside a warm greenhouse if there is a threat of the outside cold going underneath your greenhouses.

  2. "Much longer growing season." Exactly.
    We are building a high tunnel this year, plus a permanent green house in the next few years.
    The "shoulder seasons" in our area are much shorter now than even just ten years ago. We need the extra weeks on either side of the growing season to ensure our peppers, sweet potatoes, and tomatoes and other long-season crops have enough time to mature. Then in the winter, grow the greens, carrots, etc. for us and the hens.

    I appreciate your videos. New sub.

  3. What a nice detailed video… Im sharing on Geoff Lawton's 2016_2017 students' page for more people to see. In a year or two, I am hoping yo build one on my land.. Very good example! 💛

  4. This is amazing! I so enjoyed watching this video. You did a tremendous job. Everything looks so lush and beautiful. I hope that you will continue to share these videos with us. Kudos to you. 😁


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