greenhouse construction + rocket mass heater how to tutorial

greenhouse construction + rocket mass heater how to tutorial

4-DVD set about rocket mass heaters support my patreon for more videos like this: permaculture design course Sign up for my daily-ish email, or my devious plots for world domination: Greenhouse construction with a rocket mas heater, including an excellent demonstration of the rocket mass heater sideways burn. The greenhouse construction class is taught by Ernie and Erica Wisner, featuring the rocket mass heater techniques of Ianto Evans (of cob cottage company fame). I cannot think of a better approach to greenhouse heating.

This is the first phase of building this greenhouse. The focus is on the steps of building the rocket mass heater.

This video has an excellent demonstration of the sideways burn – or fire burning sideways.

Since this will be an oehler style solar greenhouse, then it probably won’t need much heat. But it will be a bonus. And the heated air could also be piped into the house.

A rockey mass heater is typically 10 times more efficient than a regular wood stove. And 20 times cleaner.

A mike oehler style greenhouse construction is probably the most efficient greenhouse known.

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  2. I built my first rocket stove in my greenhouse and i am having a problem with too much smoke out of my wood intake chamber, My intake is 6" and my exhaust pipe is 8", Please help.

  3. The Rocket Mass Heater itself should be outside.

    Water should be a better heatsink than dirt, and since water would be used for the plants, it could be win/win.

  4. Incorporate a V-10 sterling engine into a mass rocket stove water heater and you could circulate hot water through hoses to heat your green house or home or shelter all without the use of electricity.

  5. You could also make a nitrogen rocket air conditioner placed in an underground cistern to draft your home and cool it with out the use of electricity! While creating hot and cold running water from your nitrogen rocket air conditioner and your mass rocket stove? ; )

  6. Make a mass underground rocket heater slash water heater with under ground hoses to heat the green house using the water from the hydrponic green house. A living system to produce heat water and food.

  7. Is it possible to use kenaf with the stove. I have heard it burns a bit cleaner and it's quicker to grow etc. I have been thinking heavily on getting some seeds and trying it out myself.

  8. I would also love to see a follow-up to this as well. Is the customer happy 5 yrs later? Is it working as expected? Any unforeseen issues discovered that may be tips for improvement in the 'next' iteration of this approach? For example, was the depth used to bury the duct ideal or should it have been shallower/deeper, etc.

    Also, it would be great to see a comparison of the air temperature and the soil temperature maybe 10" down to see how effectively this is heating below the plant bed.

    Any chance you will be able to provide these kinds of updates? Very interesting approach and reuse of otherwise wasted heat exhaust.

    Thanks for sharing and I'll look forward to your comments.

  9. I can't believe that you people are doing this. I have read and heard at least TWICE  in this video that this device creates CO2 (I know that's just a code word for Carbon Dioxide). I understand that this gas is a deadly poison and is causing Global Warming (or Climate Change) or something. Why are you poisoning my Gaia..?!?

  10. steam running thru that round stainless pipe would rust out pretty fast wouldnt it? then youd have to dig it all up and replace it? thats what im seeing

  11. It's been 5 years. I'm most interested in the pro/cons of this RMH. How did it hold up? Time for a 5 years in review video. I've been all over There's not enough video content regarding greenhouse heating. Thanks in advance!!

  12. Thats a pretty neat idea, I'd love to put one in my polytunel to help charge up the heat of my heat store. Is there a follow up to this video with a completed set up showing how much it heats up a greenhouse?

  13. If, by the time the exhaust reaches the end of your line it is cooler co2 and steam, is there a requirement for a chimney through a roof penetration or would a side venting system be sufficient.

  14. I have in mind to use the earth under and around an attached greenhouse as thermal mass, by isolating it from the rest of the earth with in-ground insulation, similar to the techniques used in Passive Annual Heat Storage. This arrangement won't take up valuable space in the greenhouse. An optimally constructed "PAHS" home with a 20 ft. insulation "umbrella" around it, can maintain a constant, year round 70+ temperature, with a relatively small amount of sun exposure compared to other solar designs.
    Simply insulating an above ground foundation to just under the surface of the ground is more cost effective than insulating roofs. Better yet, extending that insulation two or more feet down adds thermal mass to the structure, so long as a means is provided to share dwelling heat with the ground below it. Lifting that same two foot insulation skirt outward like an umbrella, results in even more mass with the same amount of insulation.
    A less than optimum two or three foot buried insulation umbrella skirt would be a relatively easy retrofit, and should work good in combination with an in-ground rocket stove for heating my 12 x 16 micro home/greenhouse. Has anyone else researched Passive Annual Heat Storage? Seems too good to be true, yet makes sense.


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