Greenhouse buffered design to cope with climate change


This hybrid greenhouse design was given to me this morning just before awakening by the Holy Spirit. The double envelope wall system is designed to create a moving air flow that is activated by the sun. The heated air that rises to the top condenses and falls down on the back side where it enters a thermal storage below the main floor.
This buffered system is engineered to withstand extreme seasonal weather changes while maintaining a steady 72 F in the interior without the use of added heating or cooling. In climates where there is no sun to activate the air envelope, hot water registers could be used to generate the moving air mass. Rocks, sand or water would be the three choices of material to create the thermal storage.
Climate change along with incoming cosmic waves if going to drive the world into a time of global famine. With this simple GREEN-INVENTION given to me by the inspiration of the Lord, it could be used to mitigate the coming food shortages and to develop places of refuge to preserve a righteous Remnant during the time of Jacob’s Trouble.


Donald Taylor


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Written by Aleksandar

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