GeoThermal Greenhouse Build

GeoThermal Greenhouse Build

LDS Prepper realizes walipini might not be a good design for northern areas because it was designed for equatorial areas. So he used his ingenuity to figure out what would address the problems that walipinis could address. We wait to see if his geothermal design can handle our -30F cold and high winds. I sure hope it works because the cost is low and his research has lead him to believe it will be up to the task! Visit LDSPrepper at:

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Written by Aleksandar

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  1. To take energy from the space UNDER the thing I'd like to put the energy in does not make sense. Every ground-to-water energy systems for houses are taking energy during winter from the soil nearby, NOT under the house. The same is for inlet for recuperation of air. What is sort of thing like in video. I'm doing my Walipini using geothermal air energy, but all pipes are outside the greenhouse taking and putting energy from or giving there. So in greenhouse is only in/outlets, nothing under the floor.

  2. I am curious if the thermal transfer is as efficient as it could be with the various designs? Stacking all the tubes in a 4' trench will absorb all the available heat in short order i would think. Even the spacing at 12" centers at 8' deep seems pretty tight….. I know this video is 6 yrs old, is there an update video?

  3. What is the calculation for 4' tubing? Same? Has this been field tested? Thanks for sharing the whole process on youtube @Dirtpatchheaven and with other youtubers @LDSPrepper!

  4. Just curious. in a closed system like this how is the co2 replenished? The plants need co2 and if you keep recirculating the same co2 depleted air inside there I think this may cause an unhealthy situation for the plants. I would consider a fresh air intake!

  5. This had the potential to be awsome but after building my geothermal geodome that turns the entire volume of air 80 times. A hour i understand how this could set up is a disaster

    I just did a video last nite showing how its working i would like to see you regroup and do it again so u could grow citrus like me
    Im in Kentucky its been in the 20sF and its 44F in the dome
    Dont give up you have helped me during my build so i would like to return the favor

    YouTube: whelan works

    God bless you my brother in christ

  6. You state at about 16:30 into your video that citrus "does't ripen on the tree." For the record – all my citrus [oranges, grapefruit, lemons, lines and tangerines] in Phoenix, Arizona , ripen on the tree. I seriously doubt that I am unique in this !!!!

  7. This guy is the type of guy that will trick weak minded or like passive type people. He talks loud,fast,& like he knows wth he's talking about but congrats to all the smart people who caught him making mistakes & commenting about it. Don't let these people walk all over you,say something don't be shy. Lol U2 can do this by reading a book & watching some videos try asking him about another subject & I'll bet this is all he knows. Diarrhea of the mouth lmao

  8. I run cooltubes in sequence and after a certain amount of feet of 6inch ducting, you need another inline fan or else your not really recirculating any air… after too many feet you cant really feel any air coming out of the ducting. With the underground line being so incredibly long without inline fans every 10ft or so would the one large squirell cage fan aboveground actually be recirculating the air from below? Is that all technically correct pressure science goin on there, lol?


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