Framing the Endwalls (Nursery Greenhouse)

Framing the Endwalls (Nursery Greenhouse)

I start framing out the endwalls for the new nursery greenhouse. This is a challenging build because of the slope of the land. These endwalls will include roughing openings for fans, louvers and a sliding door.

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How I Build My Beds
30″x50′ beds
12″-18″ walkways (whatever you prefer)
Cover the ground with a silage tarp or graze with animals until all the weeds are killed. Broadfork, put down cardboard, wet the down the cardboard, add 4-5″ of compost in the beds and put wood chips in the walkways. This turns out to be about 2.5 cubic yards of compost per 30″x50′ bed. I buy commercially made compost and get my wood chips from local tree companies for free.

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Josh Sattin


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Written by Aleksandar

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  1. Josh make sure you grind down or cover in some way those L brackets on the plastic side. I didnt on the diy house I did and it cut right through the plastic in a couple days.

  2. I am so excited this channel is so inspiring . how detailed you two are …its like watching a Bob Ross painting video just cool and methodically getting it finished

  3. Looking good sir!

    On the end wall, are you using gh film or a hard cover? Will you be covering the outside screw heads?

    The amount of land drop, looks interesting and similar to our new growing area… great for directing NC rain water across the homestead.
    This year, our fields were subsoiled to my amazement of the penetration of water below!

    Sometimes, the bed areas are a difficult decision n,e,s,w direction to choose. When space isn't a factor, allowing microclimates blocks in between the tunnels. HTF

    Hopefully, looking at pros and cons I've said ok this way… waiting to be proven right or wrong; while always learning.
    With a little work it can be changed, as it builds a story with character for all to enjoy.

    I'm really enjoying your smart teamwork, as it's showing us a unique elevation build on your farm.

    The adventures in life are enlightening and fun!
    Be safe and have a great day!

  4. Thanks for the heads up on Growing for Market mag. These greenhouses are total inspiration and something that I'm shooting for…cattle panels and pvc will have to do for now.
    Lookin' good with your trim.
    Thanks for sharing.

  5. Looks great Josh. A note about your bottom rail brackets (@6:00) you have a little sharp corner where the angle bracket bolts to the round tube. you might want to grind it off so it doesn't poke a hole in the plastic

  6. those metal blades tax cordless circular saws pretty hard which eventually causes battery failure and or motor damage. I prefer using 120V chop saws if I have more than just a couple of cuts to make

  7. Beautiful setup. One thing! I would reinforce further the door opening for the sliding door or doors. I am pretty sure you know what I am talking about! Just a suggestion.

  8. Hi Josh, thanks for the video. I was wondering if you have any experience of installing a geothermal greenhouse? Specifically a GAHT configuration. Thanks for all the information and the wonderful channel.

  9. Most of the setup for the tunnels are very straight forward. I like seeing how you have adapted your based on the slope of your land. End wall construction is what I find interesting. You, and many others, have shown a great deal of ingenuity giving us lots of examples to think about. Thank you for another great video!

  10. Great framework. So good it made me think of my time in Army. You could throw a canvas above it and have a shelter. It would hold better in snow and high winds vs a wall tent. The company could offer a canvas option.

  11. Looking Great! So, does the thought ever cross your mind "Man, I should have made this bigger!" ? LUL Just curious. Thanks again for the awesome Videos!

  12. shouldn't the screw heads be on the inside of the building on those clips, so the plastic wont' tear when pulling it down. Ok, It looks like a double sided clamp. I would use some flat or round head self tapping screws for the outside.


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