Eliot Coleman’s Tomato Tips; How to Build a Greenhouse

Eliot Coleman's Tomato Tips & How to Build a Greenhouse

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  1. Eliot: If you need a minimum of 6-8 hours of sunlight to grow things then why can't crops continue to grow in the winter (Persephone period) if you get more than that in a cold frame or even a covered garden?

  2. Hi Eliot…quick question for you, and I think I know what you're going to tell me. Do you compost your year end tomato and cucumber plants?..thank you..jim

  3. Yes indeed!!! This is amazing!! I am building a gothic instant green house for specialty mushroom cultivation. Indoors mind you. The gothic architecture lends itself to more even temputres and much much better water evaporation. As a square fruitng room would have "dead" zones in all corners. It would have a hot zone near the roof and poor circulation due to physics. But!!! But, I say, gothic architecture has perfect area up in the Apex for the ducting and the walls will drip down the excess moisture, allowing for maximum evaporative humidity.

    I am excited to finish my 8×16 gothic mushroom fruiting room. Yippie!!!!

  4. Special UV protected plastic will last 5 yrs or more. The material sold at the hardware stores won't last a year in 24/7 direct sunlite. I recovered several greenhouses w/material purchased at Farmtek.

  5. I keep coming back Eliot. We're in zone 6 when on Nov 14 sunlight goes below 10 hours. I have a brussel sprout plant thats well established but nowhere near mature. Buying transplants in early spring gets us infestation of aphids and it gets too hot to fast so they don't make it. If we grow them and put transplants out in late summer, there isn't enough time for them to finish. What should I do with our brussel sprout plant now? Do I bring it inside a cool garage and put it back out in early spring in the hope that it will finish? Ive been waiting to taste a frost dusted brussel sprout but Ive never been able to because of this issue. Suggestions?

  6. Hi Eliot…back with more questions! Can you tell me-is there a benefit of layering compost? I've always heard that layering is important(from the wife's book 🙂 ), …but I end up mixing up my compost pile every day, so is it actually needed?

  7. have any experience with growng brussel sprouts? Im in zone 6B-SLC Utah. Pretty serious winters-not as hard as yours. Ive tried to grow them in spring, but aphids ruined over time by the fall. I tried to grow them in time for fall by growing in mid summer-now they aren't big enough-I dont think. They are about a foot and a half high and the formation of sprouts has begun, but very small…we have about 2 more weeks until daylight goes under 10 hours. Will they make it over the winter and start growing again in spring, or not? I can't seem to get it right-either aphids if started early because of heat(and aphids), or not enough time if I start a little later …what to do?

  8. Hi Eliot, quick question for you…do hakurei turnips get woody if they get too large, or, are they okay if they get big? And, do you sell the greens separately, or do you just harvest and sell all together?

  9. Eliot, an interesting "error" happened this week. I have planted my tomatoes in the greenhouse already. I covered them at night and they have lived through -5C (outdoor temp) without problem. One night, I forgot to cover them. The tomatoes in the middle of the length of the greenhouse are all dead. The ones near the sides (length-wise) have not frozen, do you know what phenomenon happened there? The temperature was probably the same in the whole (unheated) greenhouse because it was -6C for several hours that night. No water barrels or ventilation in use.
    Also, I would love to be able to meet you and get a bit of help with a biointensive project I would like to start. I am willing to make the 14 hour drive to get to your farm, but can we schedule a meeting of some sort? I don't know how to reach you other than here!

  10. That is NOT Lillian's Yellow Heirloom! Lillian's is a lighter yellow clear-skinned oblate tomato between slicer & beefsteak size with a creamy texture…

  11. Mr. Eliot do you cut the end of the plastic on that simple high tunnel when you said that you would bury one side and other side would have a board and you would open it to for a doorway. Not clear about this.

  12. when sunlight hours go below 10 hours a day, do plants stop growing everywhere, or is it just in certain USDA zones?  How do we get produce and veggies during the winter months if that is so, or do I not understand it?  If one were to use artificial light, would that allow plants to continue growing the persephony period?


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