Easy way to build PVC greenhouse DIY

Easy way to build PVC greenhouse DIY


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  1. Very nice, but are you sure the 6 X 1,5 inch 7m PVC pipe have been calculated correctly.
    I think, with 7m long (if you mean meters) the greenhouse would be much taller than the one I see in the video (considering the door is 2 meters tall and the greenhose 3 is meters wide).

  2. Blessings to you, great video. I had a question about how to secured the poly at the base of it? I have some ideas just wanted to get your suggestion. Thank you

  3. Hi. Your greenhouse looks amazing. I want to write an article about making greenhouse. Can I talke screen shots from your video ? I will definitely credit you for your work. Hope u don't mind ☺

  4. That was brilliant!!! I couldn't figure out how to secure the base to keep it from "walking". Thought that I would have to put in cross braces or some other structure

  5. Thanks for this video for a simple DIY greenhouse (*-*)/ I watched a few other videos that were more detailed, but also more complex–so if other viewers have questions about attaching doors, windows &/or wood, check those. This is as minimal as it gets and it doesn’t require many tools/supplies. I’ve been seeking a simple and temporary design, so this is perfect. Only question I have, is about the plastic ties you used. I saw in another comment you got it from a gardening supply store but would you happen to know the name of the “ties”? If I can’t find them in my local stores, I’d like to search for them online. Thank you!




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