DIY Greenhouse Shelving Design | STEP BY STEP | EASY & SIMPLE

DIY Greenhouse Shelving Design | STEP BY STEP | EASY & SIMPLE

Step By Step process on how to build the BEST Cattle Panel greenhouse shelves! Thank you for Watching! Don’t forget to SUBSCRIBE!

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Written by Aleksandar

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  1. Looks good! I have a 3 cattle panel arch i was going to add another panel and cover in 4 ml greenhouse plastic that i have setting here waiting on me to just do it. I procrastinated and everything is covered in snow, though. Wish i had lumber and a helper to put around the bottom like yours. Really encouraging to see yours done. Thanks. One if the other channels pulled up their weed fabric because someone said it would cause condensation to build up. I see lots of high tunnels with it and seems ok, though.

  2. Oh my Lord. I just found your channel. I was telling my partner, "that looks like down in the mountains." Come to find out uns in Barbourville. I'm from Oneida, Clay County. I live in Northern KY now but my huge family and heart is still down there.

  3. Zack, this was a great video. I need to go back and watch the actual build because for some reason I missed it.

    I'm curious if you know what the temperature what inside when you had snow covering your greenhouse? And do you scrape it off to allow for more daylight? I only ask because I was watching a video the other day about seedlings and it said they needed 18 hours of daylight and 6 hours could be dark so they used grow lights. I want to build a small walk in greenhouse so bad and hope I can do it soon. I may just do a mini hoop to cover my 4x8x2 raised bed and see how it works out before doing a walk in one.

  4. I love how much fun you’re having setting up your new property. Your tractor 🚜 is so cool and I am loving your new greenhouse. Can’t wait to see you grow some vegetables πŸ… 🌽 🌢. Your raised beds are awesome.

  5. For what it’s worth, I’m a farmer and seeing you doing this makes me extremely happy for you and your ambition to become more in control of your food independence.. the joy you will have when you start harvesting your bounty will hit that spot in your soul that nothing compares to… your a beautiful young couple and I truly wish y’all the absolute best! Btw I learned a few tidbits from your build with your creativity might just apply them myself for my young lads!

  6. I wouldnt have put the fabric in bottom of raised beds. Let the worms come and go and adding the logs was awesome.Just my opinion based on what we've done. πŸŒ±πŸ‘

  7. Looks terrific Zach! Great work!
    Wish I lived where I could have a greenhouse too. Happy for those of you that can. However I live in an apartment. But not much longer! Planning a move soon.
    Can't wait!!! Can't wait to see seedlings growing there. Thanks!! God bless! Love to you all β€πŸ’œβ€πŸ’œβ€πŸ’œβ€πŸ’œ

  8. I really appreciated how you recorded this, & other projects, step by step. As you talk us through it, makes it seem doable. I wonder if you have estimated a total cost. I see that hardware cloth up here in MA is now selling @ maybe 4X what I paid for mine, maybe 12 years ago, & I know wood costs have spiked in recent times too.

    I'd leave those posts at full height. You never know what simple use may come up, like hanging a lantern if you go in there after dark to do a simple task, or to mount a movable clip light, or a place to hang your jacket or raincoat to drip while working in there. Also, you can always put another shelf up there with a wire base for seed trays as they grow on & need more light, but only require a few inches of head room.When not using it for that, it could store materials you intend to use in the greenhouse in the following seed starting season, like peat pots, bags of vermiculite or perlite if you use those things – or other lightweight stuff like new, empty pots.

    You can also put up a board across the 2 tops at the end, for hooks at the end of the row to hang hand tools like small trowels, a utility knife & hand trimmers for harvesting mesclun year 'round, or a few spray bottles, ie: one with water to spray after planting seeds, & in between waterings to tend to the ones that dry out faster, to keep them evenly moist; one with diluted vinegar for cleaning tools, pots & hands, & for a hand towel. You could use a larger hook for sprayer for doing foliar feeding, filled with water plus a dipper or two of from a bucket in which you compost with lots of water, to give them a boost with each watering, so a hook for a dipper, & another few hooks for gloves, small watering cans, etc.

    I might prefer one with the growing shelves down the middle, which could provide walking paths all around & also extend the upright boards offer extra support for the top. We get lots of snow here. Then it could hold large pots over winter, of things that are marginal in my Zone 5/6, & also deep pots to hold planted spring bulbs that need a winter's chill to bloom.

  9. I think your high tunnel is awesome, but I think you will need more supports under your wire shelves because your seedling trays will be heavy after watering and may sag your wire! I know you had a high tunnel in the other house so you are familiar with this problem! I hope I am wrong! God Bless!

  10. I worked in a greenhouse… One suggestion, put a strip of wood along the edges where the hardware cloth is and screw it down (You'll have to replace the hardware cloth down the road) to add reinforcement. Looks good.


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