DIY Deep Winter Solar Greenhouse Insulation (2020)

DIY Deep Winter Solar Greenhouse Insulation (2020)

DIY Cold climate insulation design tips to insulate a greenhouse to “Solar Greenhouse” standards to grow plants in northern areas in December, January, February and March with supplies anyone can buy online or at your local hardware store.

3 YouTubers who used affordable greenhouse Insulation:

Urban Farmer Curtis Stone

LDS Prepper: David Gillmore


The year-round solar Greenhouse – How to design and build a net zero energy greenhouse.

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Written by Aleksandar

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  1. Cheap insulation for the bottom or back walls is hay bales stacked around the outside. They can be removable, or can be left to compost and that adds a bit of heat as well

  2. Insulation of floor is a mistake, it is a heater with stable average temperature 5-8d egree Celsius above zero, it also works as accumulator of heat if you direct it there (floor does not consume heat , it's just does not produce enough of it, heat always goes up , it will not go down unless you make it to), and also it's a moisture balancer, you should insulate foundation of greenhouse 2-2,5 meter deep with that sheet foam about 10 centimeter thick or more if affordable, and insulate area around greenhouse perimeter 2-4 meter from foundation , it will work same as covering one side of greenhouse with soil.
    Another idea is instead of making openable roof in greenhouse (which will reduce its durability , insulation efficiency and period of work) , to make shading construction which will be installed for summer time and will be covering part of south side of greenhouse.

  3. Aircrete excellent, cheap, long lasting insulator

    Aircrete Harry: is good channel about aircrete mixtures etc…. all kinds of specs what foaming agent to use and grade.
    In his lates videos, he even mixes shred up foam, free from the bins.

    You dont need to buy or make a complex foam generator, look at this vid below to get nice form from simple drill and metal mesh:

    Honey Do Carpenter channel:

  4. Holy f*****g s**t!!!! This is EXACTLY what I needed!!!!!! I cannot thank you enough!!!! I live in Washington DC, and I'm making a giant greenhouse to make a miniature bioactive rainforest for a few small flowing streams, reptiles, and tropical plants. I was looking everywhere for legitimate information on winter greenhouses, all of the sources were bs, except this one!! THANK YOU!!!!

  5. What do you think of evacuated tube solar in a drainback system with 275 gallon tote storage and then pumping through pex and or fan blower to heat at night? These panels are pretty affordable on eBay and a pump/fan would use very little electricity. I'm surprised there's not more on yt of people using the citrus in Nebraska design that is proven, there's definitely ways to do it cheaper. The 3 wall polycarb is expensive, but I see it is a lot cheaper on Alibaba, looking into that now, perhaps doing a group buy to cut cost shipping from China, that's where it all comes from anyway, it is like a fourth of the cost of buying from a us supplier.

  6. Ausome ausome. South Central Sask here. Greenhouse is being planned for use this year for Fall, winter and spring 2020 use. For food and just hanging out in…stave off the winter misery (I'm from West coast 😂) Going to be following your channel closely as well as the fella from Ukraine.

  7. Could you lead me in the right direction? I'm looking for DIY or plans to put together heatsink? Would be much appreciated I am having a hell of a time finding anything. A lot of videos and thats about it. Thanks in advance!

  8. Hello, there
    I am impressed by the informative video that made me write my plans to you. We are in “The Business of Kindness.” and own four senior care homes in the city of Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada. The temperature in my place dips down to -50 degrees F for a few days to weeks every year. 
    Just to mention we get long spells of frigid weather for almost 8 months a year. 
    To provide our seniors a quality time ‘outdoor’, we plan to connect a greenhouse to our care homes that are side by side on a street.
    Our idea of having a greenhouse is primarily, not to run a greenhouse as a commercial greenhouse, but to provide the seniors a green, warm space year around. 
    We would like to match our greenhouse with the decor of our care home. 
    There is a virtual tour on the main landing page of our website. Please have a look over it.
    Do you think it is a doable idea? We are at 
    My name is Sudhir, and I am on 1 306 262 5566.
    Thank you much.

  9. Hello Simple Tek, we are in the process of designing a VERY cold weather greenhouse in Canada at the Arctic Circle. Our target is to provide fresh vegetable for a community of about 500 people. We are planning to use PV solar panel array (battery pack included) from March to October to power the greenhouse. Not much electric lights needed as we have long daylight hours. From November to November to February well, that's a different story. We are considering using massive Garn wood boilers, wood chip co-generation power pallets, and Diesel generators as backup systems. There is a power grid but we are looking at $0.92/KW. Can't dig out soil and build heat underground batteries. The ground is solid granite. The Diesel fuel has to be brought on the ice road from Edmonton all the way to the Arctic Circle. Very expensive and it's Diesel and it increases our community's carbon foot print. We would appreciate ingenious ideas when it comes to greenhouse structure and most important, insulation. Love your information. As we'll build the project next year, I'll design a website and post online every step of the project. Thanks and keep in touch.

  10. Hi Simple Tek,
    I was wondering, what is the temperature of the ground at your location is at 5 ft, 10 ft, 15 ft and 20 ft below the surface? Would digging a 4 ft by 4 ft pit to a depth where you could harvest that heat be a useful idea. Can't wait to see your domes in action soon. Cheers,

  11. Real numbers would be better, many don't do this because of the initial cost. You can run into deals on Craigslist that make this more reasonable. You also have to add light in the winter as there is not as much sun then. Better ideas is to use a pit garden, use the temp of the earth to extend growing season.


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