DIY Cheap Greenhouse

DIY Cheap Greenhouse

DIY Cheap Greenhouse
This DIY Cheap Greenhouse post shows you how to build a very cost effective greenhouse that is very sturdy and quick to put together. The greenhouse in this post/video was put together in about a half day at a permaculture design course (PDC) that I was at this past fall.
The actual spend on the project shown was about $180.00. We did have some donated parts like the plastic film and rope. If we bought everything the cost would have been $230.00.
This greenhouse is designed to be portable. It is built on 2×4 sleds and has a rope connected to the front. We actually built the greenhouse shown here in the back yard, about 50 feet away from where it currently sits. We dragged it over to where it is at now. Two of us easily moved it over and it could have been moved by one person.

The original design was first published by TexasPrepper2 and the design specs are on Amazon sold by Homestead Advisor. Here is a link:

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  1. Amazing I’m gonna try the same what grade is the plastic (thickness)?and could you link the cattle wire I’m unsure what kind of wire that is here in the uk? Thank you!

  2. I'm curious about the life of the plastic cover. I've built one with visqueen before and after about 3 months the sun caused it to crack and split and then the wind finished it off.

  3. Very nice!! How would you attach the plastic outside bottom on the sides on the wood? Stables, nails? Then put another smaller board over to help hold? Maybe I just answered my own question. Thanks!!


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