Compost-Heated Greenhouse: Design (part 1 of 3 in 2017 series)

Compost-Heated Greenhouse: Design (part 1 of 3 in 2017 series)

NEW: Greenhouse 2.0
Re-engineered version of my 2016 compost-based system for greenhouse heating. Like the old system, the 2017 system still transfers heat via circulated air, but the 2017 system has far better insulation and a larger compost chamber.

Part 2 ( focuses on the recipe I use for the compost (ONLY LEAVES AND COFFEE!)

Part 3 ( summarizes the performance of the compost pile over a two-week period and shows real performance data of the system on a cold morning.

In part 4 (, give a retrospective of the 2017 season. The greenhouse kept my tomatoes alive until December 7!

To see how I built the 2016 system, and how it performs, click here:

I didn’t have compost in the unit at the time of filming, but it should be cooking by the end of October, 2017, thanks to spent coffee grounds supplied by the generous baristas at Keith’s Coffee Bar ( in Denver


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  1. Hey Morgan, I am also in Denver and am inspired by your compost heating. My 11 year old and I were planning out our system based on last year's video. I'm glad I found this years! I would be interesting in connecting and sharing ideas if your up for it. My company is Saferide4kids dot com and you can find my contact info there. Looking forward to chatting! Greg

  2. Again great work 👍🏻 just watched it again. I know space is an issue but could you build out a ramp on the far side to make turning and getting materials in and out easier? Or build a longer hole with a partition so there is an area to stand? I'm thinking of using compost for heat in my greenhouse in the UK – I may "raise" my greenhouse so I don't have to bury the compost and still benefit from heat rising… great videos and channel like your experimental style! Thanks


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