COMPLETE OVERVIEW – Aquaponics System and Greenhouse Build

COMPLETE OVERVIEW - Aquaponics System and Greenhouse Build

DOWNLOAD our Aqauponics E-Book, “Step by Step Aquaponics” – Download today our material that will walk you through the entire process of building 2 different systems and a greenhouse. 88-page E-book featuring: Over 300 photos; Step-by-step process; Required material and tool list; Drawings-diagrams; and Over 2 hours of video tutorials.

Finally done with the whole project. (14 grow bed half barrel aquaponics system, greenhouse, black soldier fly box, and chicken coop). It was a great experience working with Emily at Casita de Copan. To learn how to build these projects and more, DOWNLOAD MY EBOOK TODAY!!

This video here will walk you through the completed system. Many beginners are searching for step-by-step instructions on how to build their very own unit in the backyard, basement, garage, or some other type of facility. I hope it will give a better understanding of how you can accomplish this yourself.


NEW operational system in El Salvador, built by a school with my materials.

Free eBook! “Understanding Aquaponic Plant Nutrients”

AQUAPONICS SYSTEM – NEW! IBC Tote system for an orphanage.

AQUAPONICS SYSTEM – IBC Tote 8 grow beds Step by Step Instructions.


17 BENEFITS of Aquaponics – Should you build a system?

TILAPIA – Sexing, Purchasing, or Breeding – Aquaponics

Making Successful “Bell Siphons”

Black Soldier Fly Larvae Harvester

You MUST TEST Your Grow Bed Media

How to make MORINGA Tree Leaf Powder


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Written by Aleksandar

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  1. I have watched your video on Aquaponics several times. It is great. I will be ordering your e-book soon. I just wanted to take a minute thank you for putting this together.

  2. Thanks for this great video, Shawn! May I ask, do you have any problem with mosquito larvae in your duckweed growbed? In the past, I’ve had little guppies in my home built system, but they just tend to eat most of the duckweed, as well as any mosquito larvae and the food a give them , twice a day. Can you suggest a fish that will be less ravenous for my duckweed, yet still keep the mosquito larvae under control? I live in a country where Dengue and Malaria can become a big problem.

  3. You left out that you are saving the USA billions and trillions of dollars by teaching the 'people' how to feed themselves so they won't have any excuse to go to the USA and apply for WELFARE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Thank you for reducing the national debt! You deserve a medal from the President.

  4. Hi there.
    Rain water will flood the plant beds and then goes to the fish tank. Is there a problem there with the amount of water and its quality?
    Great video, thanks.

  5. To me, this is a perfect example for anyone to grow their food and have fish also. Brilliant, I am going to look to making the same system. Thank you
    I will hope to get your E, Book soon.

  6. another good one. luv the organisation of the setup very easy to work with. do you have two seperate pumps. what if they get out of sync. btw conditions there are similar to north Queensland. do you put the duckweed in a pure water tank to starch it up.

  7. Hello Shawn. I just purchased your course material. Awesome content. I will be drilling down to it soon. How may I contact you for something private to discuss?

  8. I bought the book and downloaded it, I saw a video or two and was busy with something else. When I tried to see the videos again using the same password, to my surprise I got a message that the download was expired . Can someone tell me how to watch the videos again. I can’t afford to pay again just in order to get access to the videos.

  9. you are doing my dream!! lol actually i got a house with big space to plant tree and maybe have chicken… but i live in quebec so its complicated during the winter… it could be cool if you make a third project of tilapia aquaponic system for INSIDE in the basement.. maybe i will try to figure out how to do it… maybe by using only barrel because the 1000 liter bin cant pass throught my door so maybe i will use 500 liter one or blue bin… but i want to try it


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10 x 12 DIY Greenhouse Tour with FREE PLANS; TOTAL COST

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