Cattle Panel Greenhouse – Design and Build

Cattle Panel Greenhouse - Design and Build
In-Depth discussion on the concept, design and build of a 4 panel cattle panel greenhouse. This is the first one I built and I thought it would be fun to share the whole process in film and images. This pairs with the video showing the more ‘complete’ version ready to start the season.

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Written by Aleksandar

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  1. The narration drops off precipitously. I wanted to see more discussion of the last steps. But this is one of my next projects. I've got the site – doing some swaling and terracing. Think I might try to put an IBC tote inside for thermal mass, though it might take up too much room. We'll see. Not sure what kind of wood I have available – I'm sure I can get cedar. Wondering if I might be able to use unmilled round timber. Probably not convenient for the door, but maybe.

  2. Curious about leveling of the ground, did you do that at all or just kind of plum to the soil and let the arches adjust? I have a slight slope where I want mine abs trying to figure out how manage

  3. This is just lovely. Ive been looking for this exact kind of material. – You mentioned the "metal arm bar" for the vent, that opens at temperatures higher than 70? – What is this "metal arm bar thingy" called. XD – seems like a perfect, low tech solutions of high summer temperatures. Thanks so much for sharing!

  4. So this is the before and beginning of the cattle panel tunnel. From my years doing industrial insulation, I can recommend cutting the excess wire down do the minimum and smacking the ends to blunt them and tuck them in. Where you sandwhiched the cattle panel between two screws, fencing staples you probably didn't have would have worked also. 🙂 What a transformation…

  5. Awesome! I made one of these tunnels last year as a chicken run for my grow out coop to protect them from hawks and eagles. I got a bigger area by using some metal corrugated roofing panels I had on the bottom and that gave me a higher starting height for my cattle panels so it's about twice the width if I hadn't. Plus, it also deters a few predators from the ground. NOW I'm thinking that when I build my larger coop this year, I can turn that into a high tunnel like you did! Never thought of that. The coop was going to be my garden shed after I moved them so this is a perfect idea for me. Thanks for taking the time and explaining all your thought processes.

  6. I have been looking for a way to do this. Last year I used my panels to grow cucumbers and cantaloupe, and had the best garden ever in my life. This year I'm looking to do what you have done. I only have 2 cattle panels up and will try to put on the plastic I have ordered. I'm 65, short, and a woman all by myself. I really think I can do this. Your video has been the most comprehensive one I have seen. Many thanks and wish me luck.

  7. Your hands are the star of the show LOL. You’re very good at using them as pointers in the cameras viewpoint,, very precise. Sidenote I just bought two pairs of those gloves last week and had the opportunity (Cold and snowy in Michigan today) to use them today and I love them I’m so very glad that I bought them.

  8. This is a great video and gave me lots of idea's, i am actually in the process of building one of these to grow through the winter. Would it be worth it to put a second layer of plastic on the inside to kinda act like a double pane window, or is one going to keep the heat in at night?

  9. Amazing stuff you provide. Thank you. I've just discovered your channel and I'm hooked. Just bought a 5 acre property in midcoast ME and hoping to turn it into permaculture project…Many thanks again for inspiration!

  10. This is really cool — I'm looking to build something smaller that can withstand a Canadian blizzard (located in Southern Quebec)… I'll continue to sift through your videos and find some design inspiration!

  11. I just got to say, what kind of bag gives a thumbs down on this kind of video. This guy takes extra time and effort to make this video to help people, and he had to deal with 👎 and mean comments. Why? Even if you didn't like his Greenhouse at least you learn what you didn't want to do. People, sheesh.

  12. Those are the best loppers I've ever used. The whole design looks pretty sweet! Love the use of the rough cut locust for the ground lumber… that should last quite a few years. What kind of plastic is that on there? Proper greenhouse material or just some cheap 3mil stuff?

  13. Nice video! Thanks! How did the cut and mulch work for getting rid of the honeysuckle bush? They are tough to kill. I want to build a raised bed over one in the spring. Did yours send out shoots?

  14. This looks like a good idea! I'm thinking an insulated wire could be used to tension the panels and thus make for a moveable structure w out the wood on the sides. Entrance still needs a door frame though.

  15. Thanks for the inspiration! Big fan of what you're doing! Putting one of these together now 7 panels long as we are sharing the space in a small farm setting.


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