Cattle Panel Greenhouse Build with Costs | Hoop House

Cattle Panel Greenhouse Build with Costs | Hoop House

Several people have asked us to post a video about building our greenhouse. We have put together all of the information that we thought might help someone else build something similar.

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Written by Aleksandar

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  1. Really like your design. Do you think building a greenhouse on a concrete pad would create to much heat. I have the concrete option or just the ground. Wanted your input. Thanks and I enjoy your videos. Don’t comment a lot but enjoy your channel

  2. Thanks a lot for sharing that video. That came out beautiful. I wish I'd seen it last summer though. I had a bunch of those panels around and had gotten tired of moving them so I cut some up to make a composter.

  3. LoL. You are too nice to your views….. you tell them views they better like and subscribe cuz they obviously liked the video to watch it all t. Way to the end lol. This was helpful. I plan on building one my self. Thank you! New friend here!!!!

  4. You can use pallets as walls. That way you can staple your panels at multiple heights and have lumber to nail your beds to.

  5. Great breakdown. Just like mine, the plastic is the most expensive component. I overbuilt on the timbers but I have other plans for those later. These are so easy and cheap to build i recommend them all the time.
    Best of luck to you folks and Bless you.

  6. Love the height. I raised mine by two 2" x 8" x 12 foot boards on each side and one end. I then set the cattle panel ends on top of the 2 x 8 edge…You were my inspiration…Thank-you for sharing your work..

  7. In applying the plastic sheeting, I assume you stapled into the wood at the base, right? I'm curious what size pipe insulation foam you used and does it alone hold the film on the ends? Does it withstand wind well? It's a great idea and we intend to build one. Thanks for sharing your talents!

  8. First put wire mesh and tarp together in 06:, realized to potential and put it to good use, been on back of my pickup truck since. Idea now is to live in one, simple one level arched, can be fairly big, enforced with rebar, heated by lights, green grass carpet

  9. Love this and it's what I'm hoping mine will look like. Have just started. Going with a 70" width and raising the height by putting the panels on a cinder block foundation. Thanks for posting!

  10. John, Do you y'all still like this green house? How has it held up? We've been talking about doing the same thing. While I love your high tunnel and I could do the same thing and just notch a corner out to make into a mini green house.. I"d rather not, that would be over kill for us at this point. I trust you to tell me honestly what you still think of it.



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