Building an Energy Efficient Year Round Greenhouse

Building an Energy Efficient Year Round Greenhouse

This video shows the process of building one of Ceres HighYield™ Greenhouse Kits. With insulated walls and passive solar greenhouse design, Ceres Greenhouses create a vastly more durable and energy-efficient growing environment for year-round growing with little to no heating and cooling.

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Written by Aleksandar

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  1. For the example given on this video, what would it costs and how long? Compare this to some other "traditional" greenhouse that is inefficient to what you offer here. I often dream of my own garden and greenhouse to compete with the rising costs of food (I'm no farmer by any means). Entertain me on this.

  2. Just curious as to why there is such a large clear roof on that south facing side. You'd lose a lot of heat in the winter and because the sun is so low in the sky you won't have that much solar gain through that long low sloping roof. Plus, in the summer that long low sloping roof is going to contribute to a lot of solar gain and possibly overheating. Otherwise it looks like a great kit.


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