Building an *Alaska Proof GREENHOUSE by Ana White

Building an *Alaska Proof GREENHOUSE by Ana White

Day one (of three) building the Ana White (Alaska ready) Greenhouse for our farm North Carolina.
Jill’s Cooking Classes on Grass-fed beef and Ferments:
Those Ana White Greenhouse Plans:


Justin Rhodes


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  1. You have great children. It is obvious that you are not just "quality time people". You have a real time, hour by hour investment in them. Also you are helping them to grow and have real standards. Thank you for showing us that it can still be done.

  2. It's awesome seeing the kids get more involved.

    It's great seeing you really taking better advantage of your land. I do worry you might burn yourself out trying to do it all yourself though.

    I am excited about the new "REAL" green house.

  3. I love watching your channel it reminds me of when i was younger on my grandparents farm . You guys are doing a great job rasing ur kids having them help with everything is great .

  4. Wow!!! and wow! Thinking back to this time last year, just back from the exhausting GAFTour… it seems 2018 has been a miracle of sorts! My heart rejoices to see Beauty so … busy!! so involved with her unique intelligence and perspective…. ox

  5. I love seeing Rebecca feeling so much better. We’re made to take care of our families. It’s heart wrenching to be a Mama and be sick and have to let others do in place of you because you can’t right now.

  6. I admire how you teach and work with your kids, how well disciplined and hard working all of your kids are. You are a good Dad. You have a nice property too. thnx for doing such an amazing job on your videos and I am glad it pays you to do all you do. I try to let the commercials play out unless they are long ads, I skip the long ads. I noticed Rebecca is feeling much better and able to work hard in the garden so proud for her. Josiah is so ingenious, he is always coming up with something new, building something to make work easier. wow such a smart young man.

  7. I’m in 7A and my greenhouse was 105 degrees today

    You will need more ventilation then you think even growing when it’s super cold outside and the sun is shining!

  8. The chickens could have a small door on the side under the tables. Also, I worked in a plant nursery in which the 2 of the greenhouses only had one door and it was a PAIN. We also had rolling tables that gave us another table but only needed one aisle.

  9. A little off topic. Your kids from oldest to youngest are amazing. Each one is so able and so capable and they just jump in to help everywhere. When my kids were little I made some mistakes in that I insisted that they just play and watch tv. Well some angels came into our lives to help me see the error of my ways and I started including them in more than the eating aspect of our farm. Now that they are adults everyone of them can do almost anything. More importantly we are all so close and I know they can take care of themselves, their families and help each other. I am so proud of my kids. Good job the both of you!

  10. Just wanted to chime in…chickens under the tables in your greenhouse can help keep your greenhouse warmer, and your chickens sheltered, especially during really nasty weather or if there are predators about that are causing problems. There's a company near here that takes all their hoop houses in the winter and fills them with two feet of manure, then tops with two feet of sawdust. Then they water it in, tamp it down, and sow it with groundcovers. It stays warm all winter long just from the decaying organic matter. By the end of the year, it's all decayed into compost, which they shovel out and sell, and move more manure and sawdust in. Chickens love the groundcover in on the floor.

  11. Raised beds will help when you have heavy rains like last season. And the forecast is for continuing heavy weather as the magnetic shields weaken and more particles get through from space to our atmosphere, says Ben Davidson of SuspiciousObservers, my second favorite youtube channel after you guys.

  12. Are you facing the long side south? My 6' × 12' greenhouse has to be vented even on the coldest winter days if it's sunny. That one is double walled and extra insulated on the north side. Easy to grow broccoli, lettuces, cherry tomatoes and herbs all winter with only a small heater.

  13. Ya'll should have roll up sides for ventilation. if you pop over to our channel we have some videos about our greenhouse. We live in NY so it is a tad cooler than down where you are.

  14. I hope you guys don't get wind gusts like we do here in Winchester TN. It rips everything apart. Sigh. Love to you all!
    BTW: Remember to make a little hill on the street side to keep the water from flooding the kitchen garden again.

  15. That greenhouse is a good addition to your homestead. There's a certain ingenuity in that crane they rigged. Work smarter, not harder. Thanks for sharing.


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