Building a Gothic Arch Greenhouse Part 1

Building a Gothic Arch Greenhouse Part 1

Here you can download the Sketchup model


Benni goes


What do you think?


Written by Aleksandar

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  1. I know I'm about three years too late to the party but I gotta say . . . I LOVE this design!! Not a word said and you spoke volumes!! Well . . . . except at 3:10 when I swore I heard you mutter something under your breath. 🙂

    Well done!!

  2. Добрый день дорогой друг. Скажи пожалуйста как ты изгибаешь древесину? я пробовал – у меня ломается при изгибе
    Good afternoon, dear friend. Tell me please, how do you bend wood? I tried – it breaks when bent

  3. I hate this video. I can’t stand it when I see someone do something much better than I have done when I know I have much better tools. You have used creativity and smarts to create a wonderful project with what looks like limited tools. This is what makes a true craftsman in my opinion.

  4. Horrible video. No explanation of anything going on. The comments are full of questions with zero answers. Nice design but one of the worst how to videos I've ever seen…

  5. Love your design, very stylish, very strong. 

    However one weak spot: the foundation. Not the concrete part, enough strength to carry the weight. But I see only 12 screws total attaching the whole greenhouse to the concrete. A little uplift by wind could take that quickly apart. At least double the number of screws, anchor bolts would be better and it would also be a good idea to attach those brackets to the wood with bolts and nuts instead of screws.

    Would be a pity to see in a storm that whole beautiful structure being sucked into the air … just because of 12 screws.

  6. Your craftsmanship is truly an amazing art form, that is absolutely incredible. I can’t wait to watch the rest of this build. Great job and thank you for sharing! 👍

  7. Перед сборкой надо олифить или отработкой прописывать , красить. А так, молодец, хорошая идея. Высокая и радиус собирает всё тепло.


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