Amazing Hydroponic Greenhouse Farm Grows 15,000 Heads of Lettuce

Amazing Hydroponic Greenhouse Farm Grows 15,000 Heads of Lettuce

John from takes you on a field trip to Profound Microfarm outside Dallas, Texas to show you how they are growing over 15,000 heads of lettuce in a greenhouse and much more on this full farm tour.

In this episode, you will learn about a micro farm that has 1 acre under production in mostly greenhouses that grows food year-round in Dallas, Texas that supplies the top chefs in Dallas some high-quality fruits, vegetables, herbs and flowers.

Jump to the following parts of this episode:
01:25 in less than 2 years he is the biggest farm selling to restaurants
04:30 1 Acre – Permaculture Food Forest in Process
05:30 Was going to be an Aquaponics Farm
07:50 Get Your own tour of this farm
09:40 Green House tour starts
10:05 Flood Table for Starting Seeds and Getting Plants Larger
11:55 Lettuce From Seed to Heads of Lettuce
13:49 Pea Microgreens growing under the sun in a flood table
15:35 Growing in Zip Towers Vertically
16:23 Should have said Richters Herbs
17:29 NFT Hydroponic “Rain Gutter” System
18:49 Edible Flowers are a Big Money Maker
20:11 Most Valuable Edible Flower
20:30 Grow this if you have spider mites
21:59 Kohlrabi for Leaves
22:35 Pink Celery
23:14 Ice Plant Edible Flowers
25:07 Edible Purple Oxalis Leaves + Flowers
26:14 Huacatay – Fragrant Herb from Peru
27:40 Papalo – Hot weather summer substitute
28:50 Is Hydroponic vs Soil Best?
29:51 Hydroponic Raft System growing over 15,000 spots of Lettuce
31:19 What happens when your leaves look off color
32:20 Soil Grown is Much easier to Manage
33:09 Walk Your Garden Everyday
34:04 Add trace minerals into your aquaponics and soil – Gropal
34:50 Bolting Lettuce – How to keep things cooler
36:14 What happens when lettuce bolts
37:08 Taste Testing Living Lettuce
37:40 Personal Garden – Raised Bed Tour
38:10 Cinder Block Garden
38:44 Companion Planting – Oregano and Walking Onions
39:30 Hydroponics vs Soil Grown – Grow the way that makes you excited!
40:45 Growing in a Large Container Garden – Edible Flowers
41:00 Growing in a Plastic Pot vs Buying Conventional Produce
43:25 Microgreens on this farm
44:30 Using Fluorescent lights
44:50 Crops Ready after just 7-10 days
46:00 Why this farmer does not like growing microgreens
47:12 Growing Specialty crops to diversify your farm
47:44 Getting things by trading
48:55 Growing Micro Basil that takes 30 days
49:42 Profound Foods – Helping local farms sell their crops
51:12 Interview with Jeff Bednar Starts
51:50 Why Profound Farms?
52:43 Why is it called Profound?
53:19 Why did you want to get into farming if you never did it before?
55:09 How are you the largest farm selling to Dallas Chefs after 20 months?
58:09 What tips would you give a new farmer that wants to start?
59:55 Why do you choose to grow in hydroponics instead of soil?
1:02:33 What has been the biggest challenge as a hydroponics farmer?
1:04:15 What I would do if I had a greenhouse for pests
1:04:45 Tell me about Profound Foods- Your Distribution Model
1:07:14 Are you concerned about competition from other farms?
1:08:45 How do you help people become better farmers?
1:11:05 Why are you selling to chefs instead of retail and making less?
1:12:07 How can local DFW residents purchase your food?
1:13:45 Is there anything else about your distribution model you would like to share?
1:15:45 Where do you get the idea to grow these specific crops?
1:17:10 How can you get ahold of Profound Foods?
1:17:50 How can someone get a public or private tour of the farm?
1:18:35 How to massively increase your revenue from your farm

After watching this episode, you will learn how a hydroponic farm successfully grows crops year-round in Dallas, Texas. You will discover why this micro farm has been profitable by growing and providing local chefs exactly what they want. You will learn how you can make your farm more profitable.

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