Advanced Hydroponic Greenhouse Tour; RockWool as Growing Media for Hydroponics at Home

Advanced Hydroponic Greenhouse Tour & RockWool as Growing Media for Hydroponics at Home

Hoocho tours an Advanced Hydroponic Greenhouse & Explores RockWool as a Growing Media for Hydroponics at Home by Building a Cheap and Easy DIY Hydroponic System for Home Growing Hydroponic Produce.

0:00 – Intro
0:46 – Chapters
1:14 – The Facility
1:45 – The Greenhouse
1:57 – The Plants
2:37 – The Media & Feeding
3:24 – Lifecycle
3:45 – Building Our Own System
5:16 – Cucumber Time-Lapse Grow
7:00 – Senescence
7:49 – Discussion
8:42 – Plant Empowerment Principle
9:38 – Environmental Controls
10:44 – Foggers, Evaporative Cooling & Temperature
11:50 – Second Grow Setup
13:15 – Cucamelon Time-Lapse Grow
15:59 – Discussion & Dissection
20:01 – Hygiene
20:29 – Pest Control
21:01 – Use of Predatory Insects
21:38 – Nutrient Solution
21:05 – Nutrient Monitoring
22:23 – Packing & Accomodation Infrastructure
22:41 – Summary

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Hoochos explores the worlds of Hydroponics, Aquaponics, Permaculture, Homesteading, Fermentation, Technology Vanlife and DIY Builds to look at the world through a larger lens that can incorporate the best of everything into a rich and rewarding lifestyle.
Through self sufficiency we can reduce consumption and increase our hyperlocal household production.

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