73. Passive solar greenhouse: A way to produce more local food and use less energy to do it

73. Passive solar greenhouse: A way to produce more local food and use less energy to do it

This ain’t your typical greenhouse design. With an insulated back wall and an insulated roof the Groundswell Community Network’s passive solar community greenhouse stores heat far better than your typical glass box. They also have a bunch of other systems in play which make this building a model for what can be done with a greenhouse in a cold, sunny climate. Learn all about it at


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Written by Aleksandar

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  1. Who funded this??? But the idea is good since we are moving into a Grand Solar Minimum. 25 million acres of corn and soy was just lost in a record setting early blizzard in Canada and northern Montana. And it's going to get worse.

  2. Unfortunately most of these techniques were taken from responsible, conservative, older generations & now the leftists want to increase govt involvement & control on our lives in a monolithic fashion.
    Be wary of anyone pushing a green agenda. It's almost ALWAYS an excuse to rip off the taxpayers instead of helping them manage their own bills, farming & energy.
    The more individuals that can do these things on their own without govt interference, the better!

  3. How come we never see follow up videos on these types of greenhouses?
    There’s lots of prototype videos but no one ever comes back n show their long term effectiveness??? I have the beginnings of a passive solar but it by no means is minimal in its need for heating. And most of the places they’re used n needed have predominantly cloudy weather in the seasons they’re needed.
    I don’t know. Maybe I’m
    Missing something… that’s often times the case.

  4. I read online from a frustrated teacher in Alaska explaining how difficult things were further up north from BC. I wrote to him explaining that even to greenhouse over an existing house or
    building would help sustain many community members in foods to go Vegan. Growing fruits, even purchasing nut trees to process nut milks. Personally the eating meats was something people needed a
    hundred years ago to survive…Not anymore…a human body does not live healthy on meats…However a human body craves produce = Vegan The GreenHouse Industry goes hand in hand with the Vegan Industry.
    Thank you for sharing your greenhouse Many communities would prosper greatly being able to take advantage of longer growing abilities.

  5. Passive is great but alive is better for the western Canadian climate. I discuss some active solar options on my channel. Although I love what you posted here though, thank you and keep up the great videos!

  6. So ……the chem trails and chem clouds….there I said it…. have been blocking the sun on a regular basis….reducing the uptake. What is the best panels for off grid home?

  7. I'd like to see the same greenhouse in January or February.
    What are the interior temperatures of this greenhouse during the course of the winter? — when the sky is overcast for days and the temperatures are well below freezing?
    It would be nice to have a little data to show that this dream is realistic.

  8. I just finished my green house using concrete and cinder blocks as raised bed thermal mass to keep my greenhouse warm in the winter check it out on my channel backcountry preps BCP 33



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