$27 Greenhouse Seedling Table Design & Tomato Plant Sale

$27 Greenhouse Seedling Table Design & Tomato Plant Sale

Build a simple, but sturdy seedling production table. I’ll go over the entire construction step-by-step. Also, if you are in the Idaho Falls area and would like to get a jump start on your tomato season you can purchase Big Beef and Sun Sugar tomato plants from my wife and me. We will start them on March 15 for pick-up starting May 15. We are only selling 100 plants so don’t wait to pre-order yours. They will sell for $10 each. E-mail me if interested.


– Earn $10,600 By Selling Tomatoes From Your Backyard:

– Seedling Heat Mat:

– Digital Thermostat For Heat Mats:

– T5 EnviroGro 4Ft 6 Tube Fixture w/Bulbs:

– 1/8″Adjustable Grow Light Rope Hanger:

– 7-Day Digital Program Timer:

– How To Grow Sweet Potatoes:

– Mittleider Facebook Group:

– Mittleider Gardening Course Book:

– Natural Mineral Fertilizers:




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Written by Aleksandar

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  1. Gees David. What happened to your video production?? My wife and I really miss your gardening and updates. You were truly a benefit to our life. Hope your health is well friend.

  2. I have been watching you for years….I know you moved to Idaho…great job in continuing to learn and grow! cant take those negative vulgar comments off your posts? So rude!

  3. thank you for your beautiful idea. This is brilliant. Our greenhouse is also full to the limit and we had to make tables outside for plants. Most ended up on the ground, hence dealing with beetles and slugs, my least favorite thing. We have to increase the nursery. This is a perfect idea. I need enough room for a couple thousand seeds/seedlings.

  4. Is this grow space in your back yard? I recall watching some of your earlier videos and it seemed your year in a Houston suburb would not be large enough to hold this size grow area. Either way, great job.

  5. I grew 4,000 tomato plant's this year what we did not sell we have planted to fruit. I started my plants in January. so they are over 7 foot tall now.. You will be lucky to brake even if you count your labor at $30 an hour. We also have 2,000 pepper plants and 5,000 other plant's Next year we are stepping it up to 2 million plants. Go big or go home they say.

  6. check out a guy named Curtis Stone on youtube… he started with next to nothing, doesn't own his own property and makes 100k a year selling his veg. i'm not planning on having an enterprise that big, but he's got some really good ideas to go from something like what David has, to a full-on business

  7. I know this is a little off topic… But how many 30 ft beds can you water at a time with one hose? I am trying to plan my garden and set up my automatic timer zones. Thanks

  8. Aren't you worried about the amount of sunlight to the plants below? or is the sun THAT much lower in Idaho in the winter? I'm guessing by the time May15 comes around you'll take the pallets down and just leave the frame. Great videos as usual. God bless you and your family!

  9. I'm a visually impaired disabled person trying to become independent and self sustaining. I've been watching your videos since before you left Texas. Very informative. This seems like a great idea to build an alternative income stream. Thanks for sharing your experience with us.

  10. Interesting. At first I figured you would cantilever the seedling table into the alley so as not to shade the plants in the bed below. Congratulations on getting $10/plant. That is amazing. The cloning tip was one of the most useful takeaway from the course.


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