$20,000 Underground Winter Greenhouse

$20,000 Underground Winter Greenhouse

We were researching building a Walipini, and here we found an expensive walipini modeled after the $300 scrap lumber one.

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Written by Aleksandar

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  1. I’m trying to figure out where you are located! This is a very inspiring video. We are considering a move from Northern California to Northern Idaho. A big concern is whether we will be able to continue growing our fruits and vegetables. We have 6 citrus trees in pots, raised beds, rotating composters, worm farm. I’d probably put all that into a structure like this! I subscribed to your channel. Hope you will reply! Thanks!

  2. Screw you,——. !!!!!!! Big time!!! Lets see an underground winter garden for under 200. Then you’ll rate,,, until then. F U big time.

  3. you were so patient with this guy… He seems like he doesn't like a women to know more than he does… mean while, he's exposing his ignorance with every other sentence… Pride, its the worst thing that gets the best or us…

  4. My concern is how do you provide adequate air flow? In Canada they feed CO2 directly to Cannabis green houses. Remember air only has 340 parts per million of CO2. Circulating sub freezing air is a problem so is restricting air flow.

  5. This will only last about 3 decades. I know because my parents built something like this and 3 decades later it's a wreck. If you really wanted this to last, you should have used aquarium glass for the roof, instead of regular windows, and you should have avoided those wooden beams which will start to rot. Build the thing as if it were a pool and actually meant to resist water/moisture forever and it'll last much longer.

  6. with the MASSIVE GEOENGINEERING SPRAYING , YOU ARE most likely not able to grow anything AT ALL with the amount of spraying – my apple trees have produced ZERO apples the last 3 years and my pecans have produced ZERO pecans the last 3 years – itis from the HEAVY METAL CLIMATE ENGINEERING SPRAYING – why are more farmers not helping in this fight against these sociopathic freaks that are spraying this shit all over us . the aluminum alone bastardises tha soil so massively and that is without the barium,strontium, lead, tin, arsenic, pesticides & herbicides & molds ( covering every tree ) theyare dousing us with DAILY ( ) – all this shit and more is being sprayed on us from these military jets . why are more farmers not for one SEEING the jets spraying us and studying what the hell is being done to our planets , VERY VERY SOON out doors will be NO OPTION to be able to grow ANYTHING unless it is a GMO ( made to grow in poisoned soil ) — COVERING OUR FOOD AND GROWING UNDER COVER & UNDERGROUND IS THE ONLY WAY WE WILL BE ABLE TO FEED OURSELVES IN 2-3 YEARS -= THERE WILL BE NO GROWING ANYTHING ABOVE GROUND UNDER THESE CLIMATE ENGINEERED SKIES OF DEATH ——— Geoengineering, A Clear And Present Danger

  7. Put up the reflective mylar, and have open window louvers and you can have perennial vegs. 10* Just fertilize them intensively (and with enough nutrition) they will convert DNA from annual to perennial. Yes baby!


Priva products in semi closed greenhouse

Priva products in semi closed greenhouse

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How to Plan a Vegetable Garden: Design Your Best Garden Layout