118 DIY Greenhouse Plans

118 DIY Greenhouse Plans

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We collected a list of 118 DIY Greenhouse Blueprints.

Below is a list of some of the more popular greenhouse plans available on our site:

The Inexpensive Hoop-Style Greenhouse Design
The Barn Style Greenhouse Design
The DIY Covered Greenhouse Garden Design
The Simple $100 Greenhouse Build
The 8 x 8 Wood Greenhouse Plan
The Black & Decker Greenhouse Build
The Polythene 8 x 10 Greenhouse Design
The Miniature Locker-Style Greenhouse Idea
The $50 Greenhouse Nursery Build
The Tabletop Greenhouse Design
The Upcycled Window Mini Greenhouse Build
The Cheap Backyard Greenhouse Build
The 10 x 10 Greenhouse Design
The Plastic Bottle Greenhouse Plan
The Fold-Down Wood Greenhouse Idea
The Pressure-Treated Pine Greenhouse Plan
The Recycled DIY Trampoline Greenhouse Plan
The 10 x 16 Nursery Greenhouse Design
The Plastic Sheeting Greenhouse Build
The Super-Cheap Winter Hoop Greenhouse Idea
The 20 Foot Geodesic Dome Greenhouse Plan
The Small Geodesic Dome Greenhouse Design
The Spacious Connected Homemade Greenhouse Plan
The Free Kid’s Greenhouse Greenhouse Design
The Snow-Proof Nothern Greenhouse Build
The WiFi Enabled Greenhouse Plan
The Simple & Cute Homemade Greenhouse Idea
The Automated Tabletop Greenhouse Greenhouse Build
The Automatic Solar Powered Greenhouse Blueprint
The Automated Watering & Temperature System Greenhouse Idea
The Reclaimed Window Greenhouse Build
The Hydroponic Growing System Greenhouse Plan
The Solar Powered Ventilation Greenhouse Blueprint
The Recycled Large Self Watering Greenhouse Build
The Easy 5 X 5 Home Wood Greenhouse Design
The $10 Simple Homemade Greenhouse Plan
The Harbor Freight Improved 6 x 8 Greenhouse Plan
The Casa Verde Modular Greenhouse Idea
The Smartphone-Controlled Greenhouse Blueprint
The Pop Top Countertop Greenhouse Plan
The Lean Away Greenhouse Plan
The Recycled Wood Pallet Greenhouse Blueprint
The Extra Solid Greenhouse Plan
The DIY Indoor Homemade Greenhouse Design
The Rooftop Urban Nursery Greenhouse Idea
The DIY Window Greenhouse Greenhouse Design
The Double Decker Garden Greenhouse Blueprint
The Geodesic Dome Sheeting Greenhouse Build
The Polycarbonate Domed Greenhouse Design
The Cheap Geodetic Greenhouse Plan
The Mini ‘Ghetto’ Greenhouse Plan
The Free Glass Jar Greenhouse Plan
The Off-The-Grid Aquaponic Greenhouse Plan
The Hurricane-Resistant Attached Greenhouse Blueprint
The Window-Mounted Box Greenhouse Plan
The Climate Change Eco Greenhouse Plan
The Micro Seedling Greenhouse Blueprint
The Antique Wood Window Greenhouse Plan
The Wood Stirrer Micro Greenhouse Design
The Furniture Magnet Geodesic Dome Greenhouse Design
The Growing Bench Greenhouse Idea
The Recovered Window & Door Greenhouse Design
The 18 x 14 Nursery Greenhouse Blueprint
The Free Jar-Sized Greenhouse Build
The Modified Hot Climate Greenhouse Design
The Wall Embedded Greenhouse Plan
The Garden Chalet Greenhouse Plan
The Smart Eco Nursery Greenhouse Plan
The 100% Recycled Greenhouse Idea
The Water Bottle Greenhouse Blueprint
The USB-Powered Homemade Greenhouse Plan
The Hydroponic Greenhouse With Monitoring and Control System Greenhouse Blueprint
The Intelligent IGreenhouse Plan
The Hot Pepper Indoor Greenhouse Design
The Free Covered Indoor Greenhouse Idea
The Touch Screen Controled Greenhouse Design
The Instant Pallet Wrap Greenhouse Build
The Unlevel Ground Wood Greenhouse Design
The Live-In Nursery Greenhouse Plan
The Low Cost Canadian Greenhouse Plan
The Recycled Carport Greenhouse Plan
The 2 Minute To Build Greenhouse Plan
The Greenery Greenhouse Idea
The Micro A Frame Steepled Greenhouse Build
The Wooden Planter Micro Greenhouse Blueprint
The Mini Milk Jug Greenhouse Plan
The Mini Seedling Carton Greenhouse Build
The Recyled Deck Wood Greenhouse Plan
The 2.5 Meter x 4 Meter Greenhouse Blueprint
TheNo-Budget Windowsill Greenhouse Plan
The Octagonal Homemade Greenhouse Design
The Free Plastic Greenhouse Idea
The Poly Pipe Sprinkler System Greenhouse Design
The Recycled Piping Greenhouse Blueprint
The Recycled Plastic Mini Greenhouse Build
The SerreMatic Automated Homemade Greenhouse Design
The Simple New England Wood Greenhouse Plan
The Simple Apartment Greenhouse Plan
The Solar Powered 24 Hour Greenhouse Plan
The Stretch Film Greenhouse Plan
The Swamp Cooler Hydroponic Rooftop Greenhouse Idea
The Automated Networking Climate Controlled Greenhouse Build
The Indoor LED Auto Greenhouse Blueprint
The Tomato Tent Greenhouse Plan
The Unheated Movable Seed Starting Greenhouse Build
The Ultra Small Greenhouse Plan
The Instant Cloche Greenhouse Blueprint
The Barn Greenhouse Greenhouse Design
The Cold Climate Nursery Greenhouse Design
The Repurposed Window Greenhouse Blueprint
The DIY Bamboo Greenhouse Greenhouse Design
The Easy To Store Foldable Greenhouse Plan
The Recycled Sewing Cabinet Greenhouse Plan




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Autonomous Greenhouse Challenge

Autonomous Greenhouse Challenge

10 x 12 DIY Greenhouse Tour with FREE PLANS & TOTAL COST

10 x 12 DIY Greenhouse Tour with FREE PLANS; TOTAL COST