What is the greenhouse effect? | Global Ideas

What is the greenhouse effect? | Global Ideas

From droughts to monsoons and extreme weather patterns, climate change may be easy to see and feel, but the issues surrounding it are often far more complex. Global Ideas has come up with a series of films and infographics to answer some of the most pressing problems and explain certain climate concepts and solutions. This time we take a look at what the greenhouse effect is and how it leads to increasing temperatures. We look forward to a lively discussion with you.

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  1. If the green house effect is true, why is it -40° at 30000 feet at mid afternoon at the equator? The greenhouse effect hypothesis violates the laws of thermodynamics does it not? It gets cooler as elevation increases no mater where you are in the world. So in reality, the sun heats the earth, and the atmosphere has no potential to heat and therefore the greenhouse effect is not a sound theory.. At what elevation is the temperature hotter than on the surface of the earth, for a greenhouse effect to begin??????

  2. Cleaner safer nuclear power generation is the real solution to the problem of rising temperatures and oceans. France is leading the way, getting over three quarters of its power needs from nuclear energy plants, none of which contribute to global warming.

  3. Electrification of the transportation grid, coupled by industrialized countries population decline, will diminish our atmospheric carbon footprint naturally over time. The main reason our carbon economy will dissipate over the next 50 years, is because there just won't be any money in it. It would be nice if we could speed it along with progressive policies, like the green new deal, proposed by the US democrats.

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