Ultimate Geothermal Greenhouse Q&A

Ultimate Geothermal Greenhouse Q&A

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I answer all your questions about geothermal greenhouses and compare the temperatures and costs of the dirt geothermal vs the rock geothermal greenhouse.




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Written by Aleksandar

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  1. First off, you are blessing to this planet; truly, a pure testament to making it better place for generations to come. Eternal blessing and gratitude to you for what you’ve brought into manifestation.
    I’m building your model atop of ledge. I’ll, therefore, truck in rock due to your research’s better efficacy (admittedly lil more costly). My ignorance lies still in why capping the capping the piping vs the serpentine method of piping in soil. Did I articulate that clearly?

  2. I don't understand why you don't use The Nebraska Citrus mans idea of just using the ground temp under the frost line, using the whole ground as a battery already charged year round? Wouldn't a trench be easier than digging under the whole greenhouse and then have to wait and charge it, isn't there much more heat in the ground than the area of your battery.?

  3. Radon is high where I live in Utah, we have a Radon tunnel system under our home and the tunnel system blows the radon air outside. How do I remove Radon from the greenhouse? I don't want my warm air blowing outside

  4. Could A hybrid method be used effectively here? Using the trench method you laid out but with the rock and pipe enveloped in the fabric. (might be a cost effective way to get the benefits of the rock but at a fraction of the cost.)

  5. I know on your previous Greenhouse you had 55 gallon barrels as a heat sink. Noticed you don't have them on the new one.? I don't know if you just haven't yet or have found that you don't need/want them. I guess if your rolling up the sides that they will get in the way in the summer. I ask because I have them in my greenhouse. They are actually stacked three high on my north wall. Strapped like crazy and I have a wood frame I've secured too. I've found they are my most cost effective way to "help" heat things up in the winter. I paid $3 a piece for them and never have to pay for them again. Just wanted your thoughts/science

  6. In reference to the question about radon exposure mentioned in your question answering period. The risk of radon is introduced into your greenhouse when you import the stone. Radon exposure in your area is probably not a problem because your native soil does not have a high concentration of igneous rocks. However when you are installing several tons of igneous rocks they can emit radon gas as the isotopes in them the decays. You may have enough fresh air turnover in the form of leakage of air into your greenhouse do not make that a problem. However you might want to put a radon sensor in just to check it.

  7. I’m sorry I missed the live to get my question in here! What sensor set up are you using? I am building a house in Rigby that has a greenhouse attached and I am putting probes throughout the building envelopes to datalog the house performance. Any insight you have would be greatly appreciated! I am currently planning on using thermostat wire soldered to DS18B20 sensors that go to an Arduino run ESP8266 WiFi enabled hub that will log and record a web-based monitoring system. I am curious what setup you are using as the charts you have are what I am hoping to achieve. Thanks!


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