Top 5 Greenhouse Climate Batteries giving Free Heat in the Winter!

Top 5 Greenhouse Climate Batteries giving Free Heat in the Winter!

Top 5 climate battery greenhouses on reviewed, showing 5 examples of Youtubers who built earth battery geo thermal energy storage devices in the ground used to heat a greenhouse in the evening and through the winter.

Citrus in the Snow –

Nebraska retiree uses earths’s heat to grow oranges in snow – Kirsten Dirksen –

The 5 Youtubers reviewed in this video:

@Kirsten Dirksen


@Urban Farmer Curtis Stone

@St. Isidore’s Farm


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  1. Central Rocky Mountain Permiculture Institute, CRMPI for short. It's really cool to see in person. Growing at that elevation is really a challenge for many reasons.

  2. I really enjoyed this video, especially since I am building a thermal Mass greenhouse in Colorado, using tire bales as thermal battery. Thanks again I learned a lot, and might incorporate a couple of these ideas into mine

  3. I’m wondering if the religious comments were primarily on LDS Prepper’s videos…
    LDS stands for Latter Day Saints, as in the church of. It doesn’t make it right to attack them, but it’s at least worth mentioning that they put it out there and had to know that mentioning anything related to being Mormon was going to be somewhat polarizing…especially to people who have left that church…

  4. Thank you for the video!!! Did I hear negative connotations towards the Canadians? I only heard your snide innuendo towards the Cdn greenhouse contributors … definitely was not necessary!!! Are you jealous that us northern folk can build awesome greenhouses? Where's your greenhouse? Clearly I will not subscribe to your channel!

  5. Thanks for the links. I have a question? I live in Kuwait and with respect to all the cold weather thermal batteries videos I’ve seen. Is there a way to use thermal batteries in the desert?
    We have a man made pond on the farm and I wanted to exchange our abundant amount of heat for the coolness beneath the sands.
    Is there any resource video done on desert greenhouses?
    Thanks again and keep the videos coming. – Rick

  6. This was great. Thanks for including a variety of techniques. I am definitely checking out St Isodores channel. LDS Prepper had come up on a coupleof my other searched and you are collect about his techniques. I love his greenhouse design.

  7. Great video, but I was expecting 5 different types of Greenhouse Climate Batteries. What do people do for greenhouses in areas with shallow bedrock, etc? I like the idea of digging down and blowing air, but I've seen several people utilize black heat-absorbing beds, floors, solar hose arrays, and aquaponic tanks to act as heat sinks.


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