Sunken Greenhouse 7 – Rainwater Harvesting, cooling tunnel

Sunken Greenhouse 7 - Rainwater Harvesting, cooling tunnel

Here is Part 7 of the sunken greenhouse project, where I talk about the rainwater harvesting system, cooling tunnel progress and the gravity powered watering system that I’ve installed since the last update. And yes, we’ve got real plants growing in it now! I’ll update you on the progress and also talk about what I still have planned for it. But for now it’s pretty much fully functional and hopefully will be getting a lot of use in the future!

Thanks for watching and let me know if you have any questions. I plan to answer all of the greenhouse questions in a future QA video:)

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  1. For people watching in the future thinking of doing the same thing I strongly recommend not using any 90s in your rain catchment system at least anywhere you plan on putting it underground any debris that makes it past the screen's will surely start collecting in the corners and it also makes it pretty much impossible to snake out theres a reason plumbing codes will fail you for using 90s in a drain system

  2. Pvc pipes need painting, otherwise the sun makes them brittle.

    Its best to seal the pots and make a small hole on the side up 2 inches to give the plants a reservoir of water.

  3. I wonder, what about fungus in the cooling tunnel? There is a lot of condensation inside the tunnel what makes a perfect growing ground for all kind of not so healthy plants.


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Greenhouse Progress: FIGS ARE AWAKE

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